If you thought you knew technology, think again.

Whilst software has reigned in a predictable pattern over the last few years, engineers are now on the cusp of applying several breakthroughs that are all about physical innovation.

Irwin Gotlieb knows it. The WPP advisor, INVIDI board member and former GroupM CEO is a veteran Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attendee, and he says January’s 2020 show will be slightly different.

“We always talk at CES about what is possible, as well as what is practical,” Gotlieb tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “What’s possible always changes at a very, very rapid rate. What’s practical, historically, hasn’t changed as rapidly as what was possible.

“The incredible thing … is that nanotechnology, computing, chip design (and) communications are impacting the rate at which what’s possible is becoming what’s practical. And that may be the single most important thing about CES this year.”

So, what’s on Gotlieb’s horizon for the tech ahead?

  • Displays: “Screens are going to get bigger and cheaper.”
  • Processors: “Chip design, we have quantum (computing) on the horizon. We’ve had it for three years now and they’re huge leaps and bounds.”
  • Graphics: “GPU technology, graphics processor units, which are powering everything from screen rendering to autonomous driving, we’re going to see some fascinating stuff there.”
  • Machine learning: “We are going to see capabilities in computing in the Tensor area. Learning chess in the old days took years to accomplish, and through just pure machine learning on a Tensor platform, (Google) achieved that in six months.”
  • Healthcare: “There is a tech stack that is evaluating the human genome for 400,000 individuals simultaneously, and is identifying markers for all the known diseases. Then, you apply nanotechnology to diagnostics for human disease states. It is mind-boggling.”

This video is part of the Beet.TV series title the Road to CES 2020, a preview of the topics expected to be explored in Las Vegas in January.  The series is presented by Samsung Ads.  For more videos please visit this page