For marketers, the single promise of “addressable” TV technology used to be simply targeted advertising.

But, in 2020, the promise is a lot more than that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, SVP of DISH Media – responsible for ad sales at DISH and Sling – describes two more emerging use cases…

  • Targeted advertising: the classical use case for addressable TV.
  • National minute enablement: wherein a pice of inventory is either retained as a linear spot in which different creative versions are inserted, or is broken up in to individual impressions by a programmer.
  • National reach extension: when a national ad campaign hits a plateau, addressable technology can extend the audience reach in new footprints.

In December, DISH launched Reach Booster, a tool that can extend the national reach of brands’ ad campaigns.

“We were in the press before the holidays around the creative versioning solution and we’re working hard on the true addressable solution as well,” he says

“In 2020, you will have live POCs (proofs-of-concept) for each of these national enablement solutions.”

Arrix will be speaking at the upcoming The Beet Retreat San Juan 2020, three days of high-level panels, group conversations, one-on-one video interviews and networking events.

“Talk about an intimate setting where you really can have meaningful conversations and build meaningful relationships,” he says. “That is a great place to do that”