‘Addressable Television Is More Than Just Hyper-Targeting: Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media

CANNES — Although most digital media have long been “addressable”, in cable TV land “addressability” has long meant something quite specific. But that is changing, as addressability starts to fan out across other solutions, says Kevin Arrix, SVP of DISH Media. In this fireside chat with CIMM MD Jon Watts for Beet.TV at Cannes Lions, […]


Sling’s FAST Freestream Helps DISH Cover All The Bases: Arrix

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The company which started as a satellite specialist has a more diverse channel offering than its founders might ever have imagined. On February 9, National Cut The Cord Day, DISH launched Sling Freestream, its latest digital TV service. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media, explains […]


TV Ad Prices Won’t ‘Race to the Bottom’ Like Digital Display: Dish Media’s Kevin Arrix

LOS ANGELES – Media buyers and sellers fret that intermediaries in the programmatic advertising market are charging excessive fees, resulting in a “tech tax” that drains media budgets. These commissions are likely to fall as ad-tech companies seek greater scale, said Kevin Arrix, senior vice president of Dish Media, at Beet.TV’s Beat Retreat. “The pressure […]


Marching To The Same North Stars: DISH’s Arrix On Addressable TV’s Moment

At the end of an otherwise “crazy” year, DISH Media sees a way forward after strong momentum in the growth of addressable TV ad sales. In June, DISH Media told Beet.TV it was selling 60% of ads programmatically. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, Senior Vice President, DISH Media, says players in an […]


‘Omni-Video Is Critical Going Forward’: Dish Media’s Kevin Arrix

Advertisers are looking for more flexibility in reaching audiences among a wider variety of video platforms, including traditional linear TV and the growing number of digital channels. Dish Media is giving marketers more choices, most recently in its partnership with Verizon Media announced this month. The deal gives advertisers using Verizon Media’s demand-side platform (DSP) […]


Addressable Is More Than TV Targeting: DISH’s Arrix

SAN JUAN, PR — For marketers, the single promise of so-called “addressable” TV technology used to be simply targeted advertising. But, in 2020, the promise is much greater than that. Now broadcast platforms are discovering they can offer advertisers a more diverse set of use cases than just targeting alone. In this one-on-one interview at […]


Addressable Extends Ads’ National Reach: DISH’s Arrix

For marketers, the single promise of “addressable” TV technology used to be simply targeted advertising. But, in 2020, the promise is a lot more than that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, SVP of DISH Media – responsible for ad sales at DISH and Sling – describes two more emerging use cases… Targeted […]


Live TV Plus Programmatic Is Sling TV’s Sweet Spot: DISH Media’s Arrix

With nothing but more streaming competitors on the horizon, DISH Media’s Sling TV is nonetheless buoyed by consumer behavior. “The Sling TV audience basically consists of cord nevers and cord cutters. And that is only going to grow going forward. I think the consumer behavior stats that we see are most compelling for us,” says […]


Arrix Explains The DISH/Sling Distribution Map

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—To understand how to make addressable television advertising easier to execute, one needs to first agree on the definition of what exactly “addressable” is, according to DISH Media’s Kevin Arrix. His explanation led to a broader discussion of addressable and third-party measurement during a fireside chat with consultant Howard Shimmel during Beet […]


More Front-End Automation Needed For Addressable TV: DISH’s Arrix

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—For marketers, addressable television advertising should not be an either-or proposition, according to DISH Media’s Kevin Arrix. It’s all about deciding its appropriate role within the mix of advanced-TV options. In this interview at Beet Retreat 2018, Arrix talks about the partnership between Sling TV and audience measurement provider Comscore and the […]


OTT is Providing Quality to Supply to Buyers, DISH’s Kevin Arrix

Programmatic ad spending in television is still forecast to be a modest 4% next year – but initiatives to bring TV and digital video together could move that needle. In fact, programmatic methods of buying – that is, using data and targeting capabilities to buy individual audiences, not groups of viewers against whole shows – […]