The former NCC Media group launched by cable TV operators to help advertisers buy across their platforms is aiming to better prove how new-wave TV advertising can lead to real business outcomes.

Ampersand, the former NCC Media, has announced a partnership with TVSquared, a technology vendor whose attribution offering links ad exposure data with actual outcome data.

According to that announcement: “Advertisers can now track the influence of TV campaigns on lower-funnel activities, including website traffic and sales. Granular TV insights across different days, dayparts, networks and creatives are tracked in real-time by TVSquared, and leveraged to inform where changes can be made to achieve KPIs and improve performance across all TV investments.”

TVSquared helps brands learn how TV advertising is driving traffic to their websites.

One of the company’s two main software pieces is ADvantage, a platform providing offering insight in to how each TV impression drives revenue through online, mobile and second screen for advertisers looking for accurate same-day TV attribution.

The company’s Predict tool helps advertisers automate the creation of their buy specifications based on predictive analysis of historical attribution data that is optimized, whether the objective is to generate sales, registrations, web site visits or any other kind of response.

“Proof of performance is becoming increasingly important for the sell-side as it identifies ways to support the continued growth of TV investments,” said Jo Kinsella, EVP and CRO, TVSquared.

Operated by Comcast, Charter and Cox Communications, NCC Media launched in 1981 to provide a common way for ad buyers to get on to disparate and disconnected cable, satellite and now telco networks.

It recently rebranded itself to “Ampersand“, just one of a raft of announcements as it reinvents itself for a new age of TV.

Here, we are republising our interview with Kinsella from this past August’s Beet.TV leadership event at GroupM.  In the video, Kinsella explains the alliance with Comcast Spotlight.

In it, she said: “TV viewership has gone up and actually, we’re seeing media dollars come back to television because now we can prove that it’s working.”