Video has just been invited to the brand marketing cloud party, courtesy of integration escort Innovid. The new Innovid Marketing Cloud Suite lets marketers link with massive backend systems from Adobe, IBM and Oracle to “synchronize the customer journey across different channels,” Zvika Netter, CEO & Co-Founder of Innovid, says in an interview with

“Until now it was email, text messaging, website traffic, even point of sale,” says Netter. “But not video. Video was considered TV, top of funnel advertising.”

Breaking down silos, the new solution links consumer activity in other channels with the ability to interact with video ads. In the same manner, if someone interacts with a video it can trigger a separate, targeted marketing actions.

“If you see an ad and are interested about a vacation or something and interact with it, if the brand has information about you in its database two days later it could follow up with an email about an offer,” says Netter.

ConAgra Brands—whose products include Orville Redenbacher and Bertolli—is a launch partner for the Innovid Marketing Cloud Suite, The Drum reports.

Innovid was an early pioneer of dynamic creative insertion, which can now be fueled in real time by even more customer data from non-video channels.

“What’s unique here is it’s the first time they are connected to the back-end CRM system,” Netter says of programmatic creative elements.

Based on what a marketer knows, “if you did something on the brand website, opened an email or bought a product, the next time will see ad on NBC, AOL or Hulu it would be based on other activities you have done beyond the video channel,” says Netter.

Innovid’s platform includes a Video Delivery Suite, an Analytics Suite, a Video Experience Suite and an Optimization Suite.