CTV’s Future, According To Innovid’s Helmreich: All Digital, More Engaging & Measurement-Centric

CANNES — Many people think they know what the future of Connected TV(CTV) will be. Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer, believes it will be not only digital but also more engaging and measurement-centric. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, he shares his insights on the growth of CTV, the power of personalized […]


NBCU Taps Comscore & Innovid To Give Local TV Advertisers ‘A Multi-Currency Future’

Amid a flurry of activity ahead of the 2023 TV upfront ad sales period, NBCUniversal is the latest to new measurement capabilities, thanks to new partnerships with two measurement suppliers. The company says it will transact on Comscore across local markets and will use Innovid’s InnovidXP to derive cross-platform, outcome-based KPIs for local marketers. In […]


InnovidXP To Provide ‘Always-On’ Measurement Of Disney Ad Outcomes

If advertising to Disney’s authenticated audience base works, Tal Chalozin may be about to find the proof. Chalozin, CTO & Co-Founder, Innovid, has just signed a deal in which his company’s InnovidXP converged TV measurement platform will power measurement of outcomes such as app conversion and web visitation across Disney Advertising’s addressable footprint. The deal […]


Innovid’s Hogue Aims To Harness TV’s New Ad Skills

When is a TV ad not a TV ad? When it’s all just “video”. Jessica Hogue, GM, Measurement & Analytics, Innovid, knows that has been the evolution of these media channels for many years now. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Hogue says the industry has now reached a point of actually acting on […]


InnovidXP Combines Data & Serving: Chalozin

CANNES — A quarter after acquiring TVSquared and a half-year after going public, video ad-tech firm Innovid is rolling out a new software suite for cross-platform advertising. InnovidXP combines ad serving data and creative personalization, backed by sight of a billion daily TV impressions delivered to 95 million homes. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


TVSquared’s Kinsella Aims To Unify TV With Innovid’s Support

More than a quarter after a newly-public Innovid acquired TVSquared for $160 million, the companies are busy aligning their tech to offer customers a best-of-both play. TVSquared helps brands learn how TV advertising is driving traffic to their websites. In this video interview with Beet.TV, company president Jo Kinsella, who also took on leadership of […]


Innovid Debuts Trading on NYSE today Under Symbol “CTV”

A cool ticker symbol for a very exciting company: Innovid begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange as CTV.   More public offering and pricing is in this release. In June, when Innovid announced the SPAC< which enabled it to go public, I interviewed Zvika Netter, CEO.   We have republished the video with today’s news. […]


What’s The Frequency? Innovid / ANA Study Uncovers CTV Measurement Patterns

With traditional TV viewership declining, ad executives are looking to internet-connected TV (CTV) to pick up the slack. But, whilst CTV purports to enhance reach and control the frequency of ad exposure, what is the reality? That is the question CTV ad software supplier Innovid set out to answer when it undertook research into the […]


NBC Sports & Innovid Partner To Take Olympics Ads Real-Time

With the Summer Olympic Games beginning in Tokyo, Japan, on Friday, July 23, many ad agencies would have committed their brands’ TV ad spending months ago. But what if those agencies wanted to buy or change their campaigns during the competition? NBC has partnered with video ad-tech firm Innovid to ensure that ads delivered through NBC’s […]


There Will Be No Single Cookie Replacement: Innovid’s Hogue

One of the great promises of connected TV advertising – delivering personalized messages to individual viewer or households. But, before it can get there, the technology will have to overcome in-built identity-tracking deficiencies at a time when some of the digital ad industry’s foremost identity technologies are disappearing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jessica […]


Peacock Aims To Reduce Number Of Rejected Ads: Innovid’s Chalozin

The connected TV future may seem as clean and effortless as digital media – but that often masks the reality that the channel is sometimes more “programmanual” than “programmatic”. That’s a problem for several reasons – but a new one has just come to light. After speaking with NBCU, AdExchanger reported: “When Peacock first launched, […]


Black Women: We Can Be Our Worst Enemy, Innovid’s Stephanie Geno

Being under represented in the advertising business can lead women of color to think “they don’t belong.”  This kind of thinking can make them be their “worst enemy,” says veteran advertising executive Stephanie Geno, in this in interview with Beet.TV “Networking is hard for everyone,” especially for black woman who feel out place.  Even though […]


Beyond Awareness: TV Advertisers Are Learning New Tricks, Innovid’s Geno Says

DENVER – It has long been a medium used to fill the top of the marketing funnel, awareness. But, bit by bit, the connection of TV to the internet is upgrading the old box in the corner of the living room with new tricks. The new ability of TV to not just deliver messages but […]


In Pandemic, Brands Tilt To Agility & Performance: Innovid’s Chalozin

In the wreckage caused by COVID-19, marketers are having to think on their feet – but many of them don’t have to move their feet at all. That is the conclusion of one video and connected TV advertising technology company leader whose platform claims to have sight of 35% of the US streaming video ad […]


Video Ads Are Coming Back: Innovid’s Chalozin

The coronavirus pandemic has hit advertising spend hard, but are there signs the market may be starting to expand again? Tal Chalozin has data he says proves it. Innovid, the video ad-tech serving supplier Chalozin co-founded, just released a product that lifts the curtain on all the trends being seen this month… Just launched! Innovid […]


Innovation Or Instinct: What’s Stopping Advanced TV?: Beet Retreat Panel

SAN JUAN, PR — What’s to blame for lack of forward momentum in advanced TV targeting? Is it inadequate technology or executives who are not yet ready to embrace it? At Beet Retreat San Juan 2020, a panel dubbed Investment and Innovation – Where Next? chewed over that topic: Tal Chalozin, CTO & Co-Founder, Innovid […]


Plug Connected TV’s Knowledge Gap: Innovid’s Chalozin

SAN JUAN, PR — With so many interconnecting points and possibilities in the new world of advanced TV ad targeting, ad buyers are getting confused about who is who, what is what, and how effective it is. That is the view of one technology leader who thinks simplicity needs to be restored. In this video […]


Innovid Makes Big Data & Analytics Move with Roku Partnership, Chalozin explains

Roku, Inc. and Innovid today announced a new analytics solution to measure and understand daily demographic reach and frequency on TV campaigns run across the Roku platform, and Linear TV. The new solution marries OTT and linear TV occurrence and identity data from Roku’s 30.5 million active accounts as of June 30, with Innovid’s OTT ad serving […]


Innovid Boosts DCO Creds With Herolens Acquisition: Eason

SANTA BARBARA – When it raised a $30 million Series E venture round back in January, interactive TV ad firm Innovid said the money would be used for “additional capital” and ” to expand its global footprint”. Today, it is announcing its footprint is expanding through acquisition. The company is buying Herolens, a Buenos Aires-based […]


Innovid’s Netter On Advanced TV, Coalescing Industry Leaders

Sometimes you have to push the envelope and concentrate on innovating, other times listening to the market is more of a priority. For the fast-growing Innovid, right now it’s time for the latter six years after releasing its first connected-TV product. Having helped to create Innovid 11 years ago to transform video experiences on the […]

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