Faced with a “fast and furious” proliferation of digital advertising formats, agencies and marketers must contemplate less ad interruptions while figuring out how to give consumers what they really want. “Call that branded content, brand-created, something other than advertising,” says Zak Treuhaft, President of Omnicom’s Hearts & Science agency.

Mobile in particular is characterized by “an entire ecosystem of people creating new platforms that live on mobile and therefore new ad vehicles that live on top of those platforms,” Treuhaft says in an interview with Beet.TV.

With an advertising background spanning almost two decades at agencies like Grey, Young & Rubicam, VML and 24/7 Real Media, Treuhaft is no stranger to the digital world. Going from creating one 30-second television spot to “lots of different types of creative” for the likes of Facebook, Snapchat and Google is a big industry challenge.

“I believe that proliferation will just continue,” he says. “It’s incumbent on all of us as an industry to make that adaption, because the format changes will continue to come fast and furious.”

Hearts & Science sees that concurrent with platform proliferation, some of the dynamic will be less ad interruption. “Less sort of brands getting in the way of consumers seeing things that they want and more brands creating things that people want and bringing those things to people,” says Treuhaft. “That’s a lot of where we see opportunity in the future.”

He cites as an example Millennials who “overwhelmingly use the phone as the most important screen in their lives. We need to figure out how to be in front of them in the environment where they are consuming content.”

Treuhaft describes Hearts & Science as agency built with data and consumer understanding at an “atomic” level. “The data is all there and available. It’s just a question of how you action it,” he says.

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