Nevermind Mobile-First, VML’s Kapadia Puts Ideas First

Over the last few years, the advertising, technology and media sectors have all scrambled to adopt a strategy they call “mobile-first”. But that is a device-centric strategy in a world that many now see becoming increasingly device-agnostic, as more people experience more content across a range of gadgets and screens. For Harsh Kapadia, the group director […]


Hearts & Science: Less Consumer Interruption As Digital Ad Formats Multiply

Faced with a “fast and furious” proliferation of digital advertising formats, agencies and marketers must contemplate less ad interruptions while figuring out how to give consumers what they really want. “Call that branded content, brand-created, something other than advertising,” says Zak Treuhaft, President of Omnicom’s Hearts & Science agency. Mobile in particular is characterized by […]


Amid Platform Proliferation, Storytelling Endures: VML’s Wente

Advertising is changing faster, perhaps, than it ever has. Today, new platforms offer a new creative palette for agencies to make messages – and new challenges present limitations on their scope. Underneath all that change, however, lays the kernel of the same, enduring construct – storytelling. That’s according to an agency creative who has devised campaigns for […]