Programmatic’s Dead, All Hail Advertising Automation, Rubicon Project’s Jay Sears

CANNES — It has spent the last couple of years up-ending, shaking up and revolutionizing the buying and selling of advertising – all without, it sometimes seems, the industry ever agreeing what it really means. But could “programmatic” advertising now be waning? After a year in which executives have begun to apologetically refer to “the […]


Xaxis’ De Rijk Sees Advanced TV Advertising In Infancy In Asia

CANNES — TV ads bought using programmatic technology will grow to represent just 1% of the overall US TV ad spend in 2016, according to a recent eMarketer forecast. But, if you thought that was small, just look at the Asia-Pacific region, where things are still in their “infancy”, according to the Group M programmatic exec […]


Simulmedia + Neustar: Linear TV Reach, Digital Performance And Targeting

CANNES – As the North Star has been to navigation, television-targeting firm Simulmedia sees its partnership with Neustar as the most direct route to finding specific audiences on linear TV. Providing closed-loop activation and measurement of ad campaigns, the Neustar deal is designed to optimize brand marketers’ “most precious asset”—their first party data, according to […]


TV Companies ‘Catching Up To Advertisers’ For Ad-Tech, Videology’s Jamboretz

CANNES — Buyers first, sellers second – that’s how the adoption of technology inside the world of TV advertising has rolled. But now broadcasters have caught up, and are beginning to use software to manage the ad-trading process, too. “The agency and the brand side of the business woke up and embraced programmatic technologies as well as […]


Pivotal’s Wieser Expects More Dialogue And Scrutiny Regarding Agency ‘Kickbacks’

CANNES – Wall Street analyst and former media agency executive Brian Wieser has lots of observations about the controversy over the allegedly non-transparent ways some agencies make money. But his main takeaway seems to boil down to this: marketers need to read their contracts. It sounds so simple considering all of the time, money and […]


Carat Panel: TV Industry Must Force Measurement Evolution, Says NBCU’s Yaccarino

CANNES – The television industry needs to act less “precious” about its assets and be more aggressive in finding ways to expand measurement options. This was the view shared by NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccarino at a discussion sponsored by global media agency Carat. After laying out her company’s three priorities—content investment, data and analytics development and […]


Advertisers Want Google, Facebook Alternative: Rubicon’s Patz

CANNES — For the last couple of months, a big number has been rattling around the media industry – “85 cents of every new dollar spent in online advertising will go to Google or Facebook”, a Morgan Stanley analyst observed in The New York Times. The two big platforms are super-dominant when it comes to ad […]


AOL’s Content Team Takes Charge To Clean Up Ads

CANNES — If consumers are revolting against advertising because ad-tech has been too aggressive, why would anyone trust ad-tech to clean up the mess? That seems to be the rationale at AOL, whose content division is now taking a stronger role in making ad formats that don’t piss off its readers and viewers. “People are pushing back […]


IBM’s Global iX Unit: 30 Business Design Studios Enlightened By Watson

CANNES – When Canada’s Toronto Raptors basketball organization wanted to revamp the way it drafts players, it was elementary to turn to IBM. That’s because Watson helped the team analyze the social media engagement of potential draftees. Specifically, the Raptors chose IBM iX, a unit that stands for Interactive Experience, has grown from 10 to […]


Belief In ‘Better Ads’ Is ‘Self-Delusional’: Fox’s Marchese

CANNES — John Marchese has seen the future. It’s a world where consumers really like ads, and want to get more of them, because they enjoy interacting with commercial messages. That’s a world away from where we are today, says Fox Networks Group’s advanced advertising president. Because the truth is, consumers don’t really like ads at all. “We […]


USA Today’s Gentzel Seeks Brands To Sponsor VR News Show

CANNES — USA Today’s weekly virtual reality news show “VRtually There” may not even have launched yet – but that isn’t stopping the news publisher from touting the product to advertisers, all the same. Publisher Gannett announced in March that VRtually There would launch in the spring, bringing scheduled weekly news to consumers in virtual space. Speaking at […]


Guardian’s U.S. Chief Prefers Branded Content To Short-Term, Annoying Ads

Back in the eighties, Eamonn Store piloted Royal Navy ships around the Caribbean. Now the former advertising executive is the latest chief at the helm of The Guardian’s New York-based US division. In choppy waters filled with threats and opportunities ahead, Store is plotting a course for a publisher that will swerve around advertising revenue chances if they don’t fit […]


StickyADS Levels-Up FreeWheel’s ‘Full-Stack’ Ambitions

CANNES – It is just two months now since Comcast-owned video ad-tech enabler FreeWheel acquired France-based TV ad-tech platform StickyADS, as it looked to extend its US digital ad expertise in to European TV. We have heard lots about the complementarity of the two companies. But what does the deal mean for existing and new customers of the […]


Broadcasters Want To Take Back Control, StickyADS’ CEO Sees

CANNES – With numbers this big, it’s no wonder ad-tech vendors re vying to turn even the traditional media space programmatic. “Worldwide, (advertising) is $170bn, in the US it’s $77bn,” according to Herve Brunet, CEO and co-founder of StickyADS, one TV ad-tech vendor recently acquired by another. “The linear side of TV is eventually going to […]


DDB’s Wendy Clark: Intelligent Data is Key

CANNES — Data is a buzzword in the media business, and data is widely available. But data only works when structure is applied to it, says Wendy Clark, ‎CEO at DDB Worldwide, North America in this interview with Beet.TV. “Everyone has data, but it’s largely unstructured. The key is making it useful and structured. Making it intelligent. Data needs to […]


Even With Big Gains, Bots And Non-Human Traffic A ‘Constant Worry’: Havas’ Delport

CANNES – Even though the Havas trading desk has reduced bot and non-human traffic for its clients’ advertising campaigns to under 5%, it’s “a constant worry” to Dominique Delport. The Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group believes the online advertising paradigm has to be completely re-shifted. “I think enough is enough for consumers,” Delport […]


‘Exposure Quality’ is anEssential Metric, Bannerconnect’s Schepers says

CANNES — The advertising technology industry is now replete with metrics and currencies. What if there was another one added to the mix? The chief of a programmatic firm acquired by Group M’s Xaxis division is advocating a switch of focus. “We (as an industry) have been talking a lot about performance metrics and if people […]


‘Programmability Is The Next Big Thing’: 25 Buyers Go Banzai For AppNexus’ ‘Bonsai’

CANNES — Twelve months after it launched an ability for advertisers to introduce custom logic to ad buying, AppNexus claims 25 clients are using the tool. Last year, the ad-tech platform bowed AppNexus Programmable Bidder (APB), a way for buyers to connect with AppNexus via API. One part of that was Bonsai – a way to let advertisers “decide […]


Xaxis Embarks On Dynamic Custom Creative, Sweeney Says

CANNES — One of the hottest topics in advertising right now is dynamic creative – the ability to tailor not just the buying of inventory in real-time, but the message served in the ad, too. Numerous software vendors are now offering ad buyers variants of this customization, and Group M’s Xaxis says it can be pretty […]


Native Ads Don’t Scale Well, Fox’s Marchese Says

CANNES — Across the industry, ad execs are coming to realize that integrating brand messages in to content could lead to better impacts, could even save an ad industry that is fast becoming concerned about a consumer revolt. Native advertising is becoming big business, and product placement is growing bigger than ever. The only problem? Developing an industry-wide […]

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