CANNES — Buyers first, sellers second – that’s how the adoption of technology inside the world of TV advertising has rolled.

But now broadcasters have caught up, and are beginning to use software to manage the ad-trading process, too.

“The agency and the brand side of the business woke up and embraced programmatic technologies as well as audience-centric targeting much more quickly than the supply or sell side of the industry did,” according to Ryan Jamboretz, chief commercial officer of one video ad-tech platform serving customers, Videology.

“It wasn’t until two years ago, when the television industry started to show some sign of weakness on the edges, that we started to see the supply side of the industry really wake up to the need to embrace technology.”

Jamoretz says customers are looking to adopt technology over and above the traditional function of an ad server.

Videology has been amongst the tech vendors to benefit from what is now adoption on both sides of the industry’s business.

“The last 18 to 24 months have been a pretty transformative time for us at Videology – a lot of work with big broadcasters, cable companies and distributors around the world, as well as major content creators.”

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