CANNES — The advertising technology industry is now replete with metrics and currencies. What if there was another one added to the mix?

The chief of a programmatic firm acquired by Group M’s Xaxis division is advocating a switch of focus.

“We (as an industry) have been talking a lot about performance metrics and if people buy something,” according to Sebastiaan Schepers, whose Netherlands-based Bannerconnect was bought in to the WPP group in 2014.

“We haven’t yet tracked, ‘how do people behave toward advertisements – what does that do across the channel?’ Not just, ‘does display ad convert, but what does it do for search, what does TV do for search, how does it all come together?’

“Exposure time and quality could be the missing metric that brings all of that together.”

Bannerconnect offers “programmatic insight” and “human intelligence” to clients – including offering services on top of Google and algorithms that plug in to AppNexus – and recently switched to going direct to brand clients.

The Xaxis acquisition has given it scale, growing from a three-country footprint to now operate in 44 markets, Schepers says.


This video is part of a series titled “Exploring Data & Technology as Catalysts for Creativity.”  This series was produced at Cannes Lions 2016 in cooperation the Xaxis. The series is sponsored by comScore.  For more segments from the series, please visit this page.