What’s The Importance Of Transparency? Rubicon’s Rooftop Panel Discusses

CANNES — Two watchwords were on the lips of most advertising execs who gathered at the Cannes Lions festival this year. One was “authenticity“. The other, “transparency”. Across the industry, advertisers – alarmed by the revelation that many ad views are invoked without a real human audience – are aiming for full visibility of audience […]


Are Ad Blocking And Viewability Over-Hyped? Rubicon’s Rooftop Panel Debates

CANNES — The tech industry sure does like to trump up certain software as the next big thing. All the while, the advertising industry, too, has been worrying that certain technological developments could cause it the mother of all headaches. So, what’s the truth – and which of the recent trends are overblown? On a panel of […]


Media Biz is Shifting from Digital to TV/Premium Video, NBCu’s Linda Yaccarino

CANNES – In light of a successful TV Upfront season and other developments, there is an “obvious” shift from an “over application” of digital video to TV or premium video in decision making of marketers, says Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales & Client Partnerships, NBC Universal, in this interview with Beet.TV This video was recorded at Cannes […]


How comScore Clients Demand Deduplicated Measurement

CANNES — One screen good, two screens better… but, in households with multiple people and multiple devices, how are advertisers and content owners supposed to understand consumption anymore? That’s where media measurement agencies come in – and that’s why digital measurer comScore agreed to merge with TV mesaurement firm Rentrak last year. The outcome – a combined […]


Cannes 2016: Moguls, Convergence and Big Deals, says MediaLink’s Millard

CANNES – This year’s Cannes Lions was notable for its deal making and the formation of “serious” partnerships, says Wenda Harria Millard, COO of the powerhouse consultancy MediaLink, in this interview with Beet.TV She says it was “different” this year as many of the most of the media “moguls” descended on the French Riviera — […]


Piers Morgan Says Twitter Amplifies his Daily Mail Views by 40 Percent

CANNES – Having been the long time editor of Britain’s Daily Mirror, with a circulation of over 2 million, Piers Morgan now finds his influence on a bigger scale, with his 5 million followers on Twitter. As editor-at-large for the Daily Mail, he says that his use of Twitter can often time garner 2 million views […]


‘We Don’t Believe In Standalone SSPs’: Ooyala’s Braley

CANNES — A couple of years back, video ad-tech outfit Ooyala acquired peer Videoplaza to combine geographic footprints and technological capabilities in a single company. Now the joined-up outfit is going to market. “We have invested in the ad-tech business since acquiring Videoplaza a couple of years ago,” Ooyala programmatic GM Scott Braley tells Beet.TV on the company’s first […]


Are Marketers Ready To Bring Tech In-House? The Rubicon Rooftop Debate

CANNES — If you Google “ad agency disintermediation“, you won’t fail to see the debate. With countless advertising and marketing technology platforms now on offer to help brands plan, buy and understand their communications, people are starting to wonder – is the ad agency over? In other words, will clients begin to run more of their own […]


WaPo Happy Not Taking Facebook Traffic, Revenue Chief Says

CANNES — Facebook’s announcement on Wednesday, in which it said it would prioritize updates from users’ friends and family over those from news organizations, has caused a shudder in media land. Many publishers have spent the last few years locked in a pattern to acquire social followers, and to distribute content on social platforms, in the hope of […]


Attribution Will Make Addressable TV ROI Clear: comScore’s Wilson

CANNES — TV ads targeted at individual households may be more expensive than those traditionally delivered en masse – but extra data that closes the loop between ad spend and sales lift will make things cost-effective in the long run. That’s according to a comScore TV chief. comScore national TV EVP Chris Wilson says his media measurement company […]


How BBC Embraces Native Ads, With New Product Soon

CANNES — To license fee-payers in the UK, the idea that the BBC could run ads at all – let alone sponsored content – is anathema to the service. But that’s the UK. Beyond the border, BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s commercial arm, is charged with raising revenue from advertising. Last year, branded content, through its new BBC […]


Outstream Ads Solve Quality Supply Problem: Videology’s Jamboretz

CANNES — The emergence of an ad format that can bring more video advertising, even where there was no video content, heralds a new era of business, according to an executive in the ad-tech space. Video advertising platform Videology’s chief commercial officer Ryan Jamboretz is talking about “outstream”, the format which inserts auto-playing video ads between […]


ANA Report a Wake-Up Call for Marketers, Paskalis

CANNES — Marketers need to define their agency relationships clearly, outlining the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, and address any gaps in expectations, says Lou Paskalis, Senior VP, Enterprise Media Executive at Bank of America, in this interview with Beet.TV. He spoke about the recent Association of National Advertisers’ report on kickbacks. He serves on the transparency committee at the […]


Havas ‘Wakes Up’ To Ad Blocking With Hope For Product Placement

CANNES — The advertising industry is in a kind of crisis. Around the world, repeat surveys indicating high and growing use of ad blocking software are spooking the media industry. Marketing agency Havas Media Group is amongst those wary of the new reality. “Advertising is less and less acceptable for many consumers,” Havas Media Group global MD […]


MailOnline’s Caccappolo Seeks Creative Inspiration For Programmatic Ads

CANNES — Why hire one yacht at Cannes Lions when you can hire two? Daily Mail’s MailOnline is surging – the site is a behemoth in traffic terms, fuelled mostly by advertising. That’s why MailOnline moored its yachts in the harbour during the advertising festival this month, to meet and greet brand partners. But MailOnline chief operating officer Rich Caccappolo […]


Xaxis Spending $54m On Ad Technology This Year

CANNES — WPP-owned data-driven audience-buying platform Xaxis is growing fast. Launched five years ago, the outfit is now going in to overdrive. The company has grown from fewer than 100 to more than 1,500 employees, to more than 3,000 brand customers and more than $1bn in revenue, 15% of which comes from outside WPP and its Group […]


Eyeview’s $21.5mn Boosts Push For ‘Outcome-Based Marketing’

CANNES — Video ad tech vendor Eyeview is now up to $58m in funding across six rounds, after it took a $21.5m series D round from an investor in its native Israel this month. Qumra Capital is a new investor addition to the line-up. Eyeview says it will use the funding to further invest in its sales, […]


Cannes Panel w/ FOX’s Joe Marchese: Choosing Consumer Ad Choices And Other Dystopian Scenarios

CANNES – How many choices television and video content distributors should give viewers in return for fewer or no advertisements—and the various forms those choices can take—drew mixed opinions among a panel of buyers and sellers. If the session hosted by Omnicom’s OMD agency network elicited agreement on one thing, it is that consumers have been […]


Spotify Offers Listener ‘Intimacy’ For Brands, Tour Planning For Artists

CANNES – Spotify wants brands to get intimate with its listeners, because it knows what they are feeling. Artists, meanwhile, can drop in anytime and check out the geographic popularity of their labors. In an interview with Beet.TV at the Cannes Lions festival, where Spotify had a major presence on several panels, Head of Sales […]


Cross-Platform Measurement Improving But Creative Fit Lagging, Says Carat’s Ray

CANNES – Progress is being made on measuring cross-platform audience engagement and proving that advertising campaigns on those platforms are working. But the CEO of Carat USA thinks figuring out which creative messaging works best within a given platform should be happening faster. Doug Ray, in an interview with Beet.TV, ticks off his priorities thusly: […]

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