Premium Video Paywalls Need to Be Customized, Ooyala’s Sean Knapp

LONDON — The optimal strategy for a premium content paywall varies greatly depending on the content, says Sean Knapp, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at online video technology firm Ooyala, during the recent Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide.


BBC’s Olympics Digital Legacy: A Multi-Screen Content and Advertising Software Solution

LONDON – "This is the biggest thing the BBC has ever done," say Chris Dobson, GM/EVP Global Sales, BBC Worldwide, referring to the role of network as the host broadcaster for the London Olympics.


BBC Worldwide Reports Digital Revenue Up 13 Percent, Driven in Part by 25 Million Facebook Fans

LONDON – Today, the BBC Worldwide announced that net profits were up 13 percent over last year up to 155GBP.  Digital sales has risen to from to 13 percent of net sales, up from 8 percent the year before, the company said in a separate announcement about its digital business.


BBC’s Facebook Strategy Paying Off, Brightcove’s Gaydon

LONDON — Facebook has proven to be an effective mechanism for discovering video especially as the social service has become a VOD-like destination, says Luke Gaydon, VP Operations, EMEA at Brightcove during the recent Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide. 


Global Mobile Video Consumption Moving to Android, Ooyala CTO

LONDON — The Android platform will likely be the dominant viewing platform for mobile video in the future, Sean Knapp, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at online video technology firm Ooyala, says during the recent Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide. That's important for developers and programmers to keep in mind, especially given the […]


Xbox App Driving Large Number of Video Views for Dailymotion

LONDON — Connected TVs and the Xbox in particular are driving a significant number of views for video-sharing site Dailymotion, says Daniel Adams, VP International Content, during the recent Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide. 


BBC Worldwide’s Dan Heaf: Apps Won’t Maintain Their Dominance

LONDON –  While the BBC Worldwide is putting most of its efforts around apps for the Apple iOS platform, apps won’t maintain their dominance in the future, predicts Daniel Heaf, the head of digital for BBC Worldwide in this session from last month’s Beet.TV Global Video Summit – which took place at the BBC Worldwide […]


Pac-12 Network Building Personalized Online Video Program Guides, Ooyala Says

LONDON — Content programmers like Bloomberg and Pac-12 Network are pursuing personalized approaches to online video that hold great promise, says Sean Knapp, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer with online video ad technology firm Ooyala, during the recent Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide.


Dailymotion is in Pact with Yahoo for Video Syndication

LONDON — Video-sharing site DailyMotion has pacted with Yahoo on a syndication deal for video, says Daniel Adams, VP International Content at Dailymotion, during the recent Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide. DailyMotion also works with MSN and other portals in deals that call for DailyMotion to sell the ads and share the […]


Dispatch from London: Publishers Look to Monetize Mobile and Refine Online Video

LONDON — In the quest to shift more ad dollars to digital video, publishers are looking at how to better monetize the fast-growing mobile business and also how to refine the placement of video ads in premium content. Those were among the insights shared by executives from BBC Worldwide, Adobe, Ooyala and others in the […]


Maximizing Ads on Premium Video: Must be Dynamically Served, Adobe’s Helfand

LONDON – Premium video publishers need to customize the number of ads per show, depending on the interest of the individual viewer and other factors, in a dynamic not a “static” ad delivery scenario, says Jeremy Helfand, VP for Video Monetization at Adobe, in this segment from the Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC […]


BBC Worldwide Digital Chief: “We are on the forefront of video on demand”

LONDON – With its TV show Doctor Who holding the top spot on iTune in 2011, the BBC Worldwide is “at the forefront of  VOD (video on demand),” says Daniel Heaf, EVP/MD for Digital for the BBC Worldwide in this on-stage interview with Robert Andrews, senior international editor of GigaOm/paidContent.


Facebook is Emerging as a Video Platform for Publishers and Retailers, Brightcove’s Gaydon

LONDON – Facebook is emerging as destination where leading publishers and retailers are placing their videos, says Brightcove's Luke Gaydon, VP for Operations for EMIEA, in this inteview with Beet.TV


Starcom Readies Campaign for Honda on Xbox

LONDON — Global media agency StarcomMediaVest SMG is slated to go live shortly with a smart TV campaign for its car client Honda to take advantage of the connected TV capabilities of the Xbox, the agency's Oliver Newton, Head of Strategic Partnerships, tells Beet.TV in this interview.


Adobe’s Big Digital Video Play: Serving Content and Ads Across Multiple Devices

LONDON – Whilst consumers are watching increasing amounts of video across multiple digital devices, publishers and advertisers are faced with extraordinary challenges in serving content and advertising effectively.


BBC Worldwide Digital Chief: Future Apps Will be Outside the “Stores”

LONDON – Whilst the BBC Worldwide has made a considerable efforts around creating Apps for the Apple iOS and Android platforms, the future of Apps will be more Web-centric, in an HTML5 framework, says Daniel Heaf, MD and EVP for Digital, in this interview with Beet.TV


Targeting Used in 80% of Video Ads in UK, Videology Study Finds

LONDON -About half of online video impressions in the United Kingdom in the first quarter came from the categories of consumer packaged goods, entertainment, and financial services, according to a study of nearly 300 million online video ad impressions by technology provider Videology. We spoke to Jana Eisenstein, the company's managing director in the UK for […]