LONDON — The optimal strategy for a premium content paywall varies greatly depending on the content, says Sean Knapp, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at online video technology firm Ooyala, during the recent Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide.

“We encourage our publishers to spend their time with pay walls,” Knapp says in this panel session, explaining that industry standards of either two-minute or eight-minute pay walls don’t apply to every show. For instance, the best place to ask a user to pay for an episode of “24” might be in the last five minutes of the show, he suggests. “There is a different optimal place for each piece of content.”

Knapp also discusses Miramax’s Facebook strategy and what it means for entertainment brands.

Knapp was a panelist at last month’s Beet.TV Global Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide.

-Daisy Whitney