LONDON -About half of online video impressions in the United Kingdom in the first quarter came from the categories of consumer packaged goods, entertainment, and financial services, according to a study of nearly 300 million online video ad impressions by technology provider Videology. We spoke to Jana Eisenstein, the company's managing director in the UK for more details on the analysis of the first quarter video ad market.

Consumer packaged goods comprise the largest amount of ad spend in online video at about 21%. In most cases, advertisers are repurposing their TV spots for online video advertising, Eisenstein tells Beet.TV. About 70% of the video impressions are of the 30-second variety, she says.

Targeting is used widely, with nearly 80% of video ads relying on demographic targeting and about 12% including some form of behavioral targeting mixed in with the demographic targeting, she explains in the video interview. "It's all about optimizing each impression against the creative," she adds, explaining that Videology works with a number of third-party data providers to target its ads.

The online video business stll needs more content as well as standards, Eisenstein says. Eisenstein will be a speaker at the Beet.TV Video Summit at the BBC Worldwide on Friday in London.