Consumer Experience Reigns Amid TV’s Transformation: Execs from Essence, NBCUniversal, PubMatic, LiveRamp

Ad-supported television is undergoing a significant transformation amid the growth in streaming video services, advancements in programmatic buying and the development of a cross-screen currency. Several industry executives discussed the future of TV advertising when they gathered on June 23 for the Global Forum on Responsible Media, This video is a summary of interviews with executive who spoke […]


Taboola’s Debut As Publicly Traded Company Fulfills Long-Term Goal: Founder Adam Singolda

Taboola today became a publicly traded company in the latest stage of its evolution from a startup into a billion-dollar enterprise that provides publishers with a way to generate revenue from native advertising. Its shares trade under the symbol “TBLA” on the Nasdaq following a deal to be acquired by a special purpose acquisition company […]


Magnite’s $31 Million Purchase of SpringServe Adds CTV Ad-Serving Tech

Sell-side advertising platform Magnite today said it acquired SpringServe, the ad-serving platform for connected TV (CTV), for about $31 million. SpringServe’s technology handles inventory routing, customized ad experiences and advanced podding logic for CTV publishers. “We look forward to collaborating with the Magnite team and their clients on product development and new features that will […]


TV Measurement Is Evolving As Viewing Habits Change: Execs From Nielsen, Forrester, Comcast, Wavemaker, Essence and GroupM

A healthy advertising ecosystem includes advancements in cross-screen measurement that help marketers to improve the efficiency of their media buying. Several industry executives discussed the status of measurement in a fragmented marketplace when they gathered on June 23 for the Global Forum on Responsible Media, This video is a summary of interviews with executive who spoke […]


Blackstone’s Investment in Marks Latest Stage of Private Equity Funding

FORT WORTH, Texas – Blackstone Group today announced an investment in that values the ad-tech firm at $1.5 billion, marking the latest stage in its growth since its founding in 2010. For Frost Prioleau, chief executive of, the Blackstone investment follows a series of partnerships with investors that have provided strategic know-how in addition […]


Customized Ads at Scale Are Key to Optimized Video Campaigns: GroupM’s Liza Davidian

Advertisers that are seeking to optimize their video campaigns among a variety of media channels should develop a strategy to personalize their messaging as consumers come into the purchase funnel. Those media channels include the growing number of ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services that have premium programming. “When I think about ways to optimize […]


Panel Data Provide More Complete Picture of Consumer Habits: Nielsen’s Kimberly Gilberti

Consumers have more ways to find their favorite programming among viewing devices and services. The growing fragmentation of the media market challenges advertisers to obtain a more unified view of people’s viewing habits. “The lines between what traditionally has been referred to as ‘television’ or ‘digital’ are becoming increasingly blurred,” Kimberly Gilberti, senior vice president […]


Ad-Supported TV Faces Major Threat Amid Shift in Viewing Habits: Essence’s Adam Gerber

Ad-supported television faces an existential threat as more consumers avoid commercials by subscribing to streaming video services that offer an ad-free experience. That ongoing shift will challenge marketers to adopt new ways of doing things. “There’s one over-arching thing we all need to recognize, which is that the old model doesn’t work,” Adam Gerber, global […]


Ad Fraud, Viewability Are Still Key Concerns for Advertisers: Essence’s Adam Gerber

WPP’s GroupM seeks to make advertising work better for everyone — marketers, consumers and media — with a media-buying framework it calls “Responsible Investment.” The effort aims to advance brand safety, data ethics, responsible journalism, sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion. Improving the media ecosystem requires tackling ad fraud and enhancing measurement methods to help […]


‘We Kicked Off Our First Meeting for Upfront 2022’: Disney’s Lisa Valentino

Disney is already looking ahead to 2022 as this year’s upfront sales season wraps up. The media giant got an early start this year with its first presentation in February that included the rollout of a programmatic platform called Disney Real-Time Ad Exchange (DRAX). “We felt it was important to start the conversations early, both […]


SMI Releases Pricing Intelligence Tools for Unified View of CPMs

Standard Media Index, leading data and analytics company, this week introduced software tools to help compare the cost of streaming video and linear TV. Its Pricing Intelligence Suite includes a digital CPM for streaming video along with a traditional and advanced audience effective CPM (eCPM) for linear TV. “The combination of these two products provides […]


CTV Offers Faster Data Insights Than Linear TV: App Science’s Helen Lum

As advertisers shift more of their media dollars to streaming platforms, they’re able to obtain viewership metrics for their campaigns more quickly than they do on linear TV. Those immediate insights are a key advantage of connected TV (CTV). “With CTV, real-time reporting is very important, especially now. Many companies only provide post-campaign reports. You […]


Addressable TV Is Bridge Between Linear and Streaming: Vizio’s Adam Gaynor

Addressable TV promises to boost the value of commercial time for broadcasters as they offer advertisers improved audience targeting. TV maker Vizio has equipped its smart TVs with advanced technology that gives networks a way to transform their linear ad inventory into an addressable format as part of its Project OAR (Open Addressable Ready). The […]


SSP’s Add Value to Premium TV Inventory: FreeWheel’s Mark McKee

Providers of premium TV programming have more ways to reach audiences who are spending more time watching video on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. The growth of connected TV (CTV) has added another layer of complexity to the advertising marketplace. “Our focus has always been around premium TV, and how do we […]


Audience Measurement Should Bolster Value of TV Content: NBCUniversal’s Kelly Abcarian

CHICAGO — Marketers are moving beyond traditional media yardsticks like age and gender to measure the business outcomes of their advertising campaigns. Increasingly, those metrics need to reflect the time that viewers spending with traditional linear TV and newer digital channels. “There’s so many challenges as we look across the industry that we need to […]


CTV Data Provide More Insights for Ad Targeting: MBuy’s Michael Parent

Connected TV platforms are becoming more sophisticated about providing audience data to help advertisers improve their targeting. “CTV providers starting to differentiate themselves on how they’re able to develop their targeting, and the reporting aspect of it,” Michael Parent, senior vice president of media strategy and operations at MBuy, a unit of Mediaocean, said in […]


Mobile, TV Data Provide Holistic Audience Insights: Omnicom Media Group’s Kelly Metz

LOS ANGELES – Marketers can harness a combination of TV viewership and mobile usage data to gain a better understanding of how to engage consumers. Those insights are crucial to developing a media plan and making adjustments as needed. “Consumers are watching TVs and engaging with their mobile phones simultaneously as they’re engaging with our […]


Out-of-home Advertising Is ‘Truly Booming’ As U.S. Reopens: OAAA’s Anna Bager

The reopening of the U.S. economy has spurred a rebound in out-of-home advertising as marketers seek to reach people who are itching to get outdoors after being stuck at home during lockdowns. Marketers also have more flexibility in their campaigns as the growth in digital out-of-home makes the delivery of video ads more feasible. “What […]


Mobile Data Help to Avoid Ad Duplication: GSD&M’s Dave Kersey

Consumers are dividing their time spent with media among a wider variety of platforms and devices, challenging marketers to reach audiences without overexposing them to same advertising. Amid the growth in video consumption on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones, advertisers are working with multiple connected TV (CTV) platforms to build scale. “Duplication […]


Tubi Is Game-Changer in Reaching Cord-Cutters: Fox’s Suzanne Sullivan

Advertisers have more ways to reach audiences who are consuming media on a wider variety of devices, including smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones. Fox Entertainment aims to help brands to connect with consumers, whether they watch traditional linear TV or streaming video services like Tubi, which parent company Fox Corp. bought last year. “Tubi […]

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