SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising can help brand marketers reach key audiences in their connected television campaigns. The role for retail media networks in marketing consumer packaged goods is similar to its place in other communications channels.

“The challenge is the process for building creative, getting inventory aligned with our audiences and continuing our closed loop and incremental measurement promise to our CPGs creates a few new hoops to jump through, a few new partnerships and a few new policies to get in place,” Evan Hovorka, vice president of product and innovation at Albertsons Media Collective, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan.

“The story is the same. The process is different, and so we need partnership. We need collaboration, and we need CPGs to help build with us,” Hovorka said.

Retail media’s key strengths include vast troves of consumer-purchase histories and logged-in customers with reliable identifiers. The marketplace has the potential to expand by collaborating with CTV distributors of ad-supported programming.

“Retail media has some of the best closed-loop identity solutions out there, but we don’t sit on a tremendous amount of CTV inventory,” Hovorka said. “Leaving our nest in privacy-compliant ways that bring performant media through partnerships outside of the Albertsons Media Collective, or retail media in general, is the secret we all need to unlock.”

‘Standardization is the Future of Retail Media Networks’: Albertsons Media Collective

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