SAN JUAN, PR – Streaming television pioneer Roku not only has more than 80 million active accounts for advertisers to reach, but also which with whom to transact. These shoppable features mark an evolution of the platform beyond driving subscriptions for direct-to-consumer services such as Netflix and Disney+.

“Consumers have more of an affinity for shopping on their television screen,” Jeff Katz, U.S. head of verticals for auto, restaurants and travel at streaming company Roku, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan. “We also control the Roku remote, where a consumer has the ability to just click ‘OK’ to order products.”

Katz cited delivery app DoorDash as a collaborator on shoppable moments, as seen in a pilot with burger chain Wendy’s. The campaign helped DoorDash to receive orders from new or lapsed Wendy’s customers on its app, and a higher average order value.

“Being able to offer this incrementality in finding new audiences for a large restaurant partner such as Wendy’s proves out the beneficial impact of shoppable television and the ability…to order food directly from the television screen, which is really powerful,” Katz said.

Roku continually works to improve its user interface to help viewers find programming, and more recently to participate in shoppable moments with brands such as Walmart, McDonald’s and Disney Cruise Line. These advertisers can reach audience segments based on viewer data that Roku gathers directly from consumers when they set up their Roky account and stream programming.

“We’re able to utilize that data information to bring more valuable experiences for marketers to then bring to our consumers,” Katz said. “With these shoppable ad units, with the robust level of targeting we have, we understand if someone might be in market for various CPG [consumer packaged goods] products, for example, to help with that experience and even the ability to buy off the television screen.”

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