SAN JUAN, PR – Many consumers have shifted their television viewing to streaming video, leading advertisers to set aside a bigger portion of their media budgets to connected television. However, they have faced frustrations with determining whether their ads are being seen within the walled gardens of video apps for smart TVs.

“Transparency in connected television is incredibly important,” Katie Klein, chief investment officer at Omnicom Group’s PHD, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan.

Knowing where ads appear among programs, networks, platforms, apps and connected devices underpins three major parts of a media plan. Those are brand safety, ad frequency and measurement of viewing activity, Klein said.

“There is a tremendous amount of advancements that CTV offers us, which is better targeting, opportunities for better personalization…better measurement and attribution and understanding the impact of the ads in this environment on our clients’ business,” she said, “but you do have to think about where we came from and what clients got and expected out of investing those dollars for a long time.”

Information about the CTV content that provides surrounding context for ads not only is important for evaluating brand safety, but also for finding moments when viewers may be most receptive to commercial messaging.

“The ability for a bit more contextual targeting — things like that are really, really exciting, really getting to the heart of connecting with the emotion of the consumer,” Klein said. “We as an industry really have to keep pushing on how we can enable that in a privacy-compliant manner.”

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