Media Measurement Is Undergoing ‘Radical’ Change: Andy Brown

LONDON – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has presented new challenges in measuring how viewers spend their time, and how advertisers should allocate their media spending to reach consumers. The challenge has been magnified with the shift to digital channels that allow for greater customization. “One of the biggest changes I saw really over […]


Marketers Should Prepare for Patchwork of Privacy Laws: DeepIntent’s Yashina Burns

LOS ANGELES – In the absence of a federal privacy law, U.S. states are in different stages of drafting or approving regulations to give consumers more control over how their data are used. Marketers that collect consumer data need to ensure they’re complying with those regulations to avoid potential fines or other penalties. California last […]


‘Digital-First’ Marketing Vital to Engaging Car Buyers: Nissan’s Allyson Witherspoon

Digital media consumption and online shopping are changing the way the automotive industry thinks about advertising. More consumers are seeking a car-buying experience that resembles the way they buy other products, making digital engagement more crucial. “We’re finally at a place where we’re taking that digital-first approach,” Allyson Witherspoon, U.S. chief marketing officer of Nissan […]


Ad-Spend Data Provide Competitive Advantage: Mediabrands’ Chris Herlihey

TORONTO – The increased fragmentation of the media marketplace and rapid changes in viewing behavior have made timely data about ad spending and pricing more important. The Canadian media market isn’t any exception, as advertisers and their media agencies seek those timely insights. “We’re always looking for the freshest market intelligence from an ad-spend and […]


Data-Driven Strategy Drives Results for Marketers: MediaHub’s Elizabeth Daly

Advertisers are harnessing first-party data from consumers to improve their media planning and buying strategies. A data-driven strategy can help marketers to reach goals in driving incremental traffic, acquiring new customers or competitive conquesting. “When we utilize those data-driven tactics, it’s given us a much better understanding of the lower-funnel effect that our No. 1 […]


Ad Impressions, Not Ratings Points, Are Key to Future of Local TV: Meredith’s Doug Lowe

The convergence of traditional broadcasting and digital technology is transforming the media industry, including local TV stations that carry a mix of network programming and regional news. With advertisers buying media based on viewer impressions, which is common on digital platforms, local stations are shifting from metrics like ratings points. “For a long time, we’ve […]


Connected TV Will ‘Outpace Market Expectations’: Disney’s Doug Fleming

Consumers are spending more time with streaming channels that carry advertising, giving marketers a way to hone their targeting by harnessing sources of first-party data. Disney aims to help them reach the growing number of consumers who are connecting their TVs to the internet. “You’re going to continue to see the massive growth in connected […]


Cookieless Future Renews Focus on Sustainable Media: MiQ’s Jason Furlano

TORONTO – Real-time data about media spending have become more important to advertisers as they shift their dollars into programmatic platforms to reach consumers. Programmatic marketing firm MiQ, which helps advertisers allocate their spending among demand-side platforms (DSPs),relies on a continuous stream of spending data. “What we do is help unlock some of the insights […]


Cross-Platform Measurement Gains Traction in Canada: SMI’s Darrick Li

TORONTO – The Canadian media market is evolving with the greater availability of data about actual media spending that are more accurate than statistical models. That information is needed as consumer habits remain in flux during the coronavirus pandemic. “Canada, I would say, has been a little slower to evolve tracking to become more cross-platform […]


Automated Media Sales Are Biggest Priority for Broadcasters: Cox’s Steve Pruett

As millions of households connect their TVs to the internet, the broadcasting industry is undergoing one of the biggest changes in its history. In addition to sending signals through the airwaves and cable systems, they’re also pushing linear TV content through over-the-top (OTT) platforms as traditional broadcasting converges with digital streaming. “We are focused on […]


The Next Era of Digital Marketing: IBM’s Stipes on AI Advertising

The next frontier in digital advertising will be using technology to predict which marketing messages are most persuasive with consumers and to deliver them at the right time. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help to personalize advertising while also protecting privacy, balancing consumer concerns with the goals of marketers who fret about the loss of third-party […]


Media Fragmentation Drives Demand for Spend Data: OMG’s Nicolas Grand

LONDON – The growing number of media channels, especially over-the-top platforms that are gaining viewers, has helped to drive demand for data about media spending. Meanwhile, more advertisers are buying media through programmatic platforms despite concerns about transparency. “The biggest challenge is the rapid morphing of all media into the programmatic ecosystem, whether it’s traditional […]


Measurement Is Key Challenge for Advanced TV Advertising: Merkle’s Andy Fisher

Advanced TV technology continues to evolve as advertisers seek improved ad targeting to reach the growing number of households that are connecting their TVs directly to the internet. Measuring that audience is a priority for media buyers like Andy Fisher, head of Merkury Advanced TV at marketing agency Merkle. In this interview with Beet.TV, Fisher […]


Convergence Means ‘Best of Both Worlds’ for Linear, Digital: WideOrbit’s Will Offeman

The shift in viewing habits from linear TV to newer digital video platforms has challenged major advertisers to achieve the same kind of reach they could expect in past years. The availability of more data sources about consumers is helping marketers and their media buyers to improve their targeting and avoid duplication among different platforms. […]


‘OTT Has Taken Center Stage’ for Consumers, Marketers: SpotX’s Sean Buckley

As consumers spend more time with connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones, advertisers have more ways to reach audiences through over-the-top (OTT) channels. The pandemic led people to spend more time watching streamed video, including platforms that sell ad inventory in pods. “It’s become increasingly clear that OTT has taken center stage both […]


Healthcare Marketers Have Key Role in Vaccination Effort: DeepIntent’s Chris Paquette

The global pandemic has made people more aware of taking steps to protect their personal health, even as it has challenged healthcare marketers to reach patients and medical professionals. Those marketers have an important role in helping to educate people about the availability of vaccines, and to address concerns about safety. “We have a population […]


Digital Video Shines Amid Pressures on Media Spending: SMI’s Ben Tatta

The media marketplace has become much more fragmented as media and technology companies launch digital video services to lure viewership on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. As advertisers shift their media spending to those streaming channels, pricing data have become more crucial for a functioning marketplace. “We’re coming out of 2020, where […]


Programmatic Revenue Grows with CTV Popularity: ViacomCBS’s Leo O’Connor

Advertisers have more ways to buy commercial time as media owners open up their connected TV inventories to automated auctions. ViacomCBS, whose media brands include CBS, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Paramount, has expanded its range of programmatic offerings as ad-serving technology grows more sophisticated. “Programmatic at ViacomCBS right now is a number of […]


Digital Video Drives Demand for More Linear Targeting: Xandr’s Pete Doe

Television advertisers are seeking the same kind of audience targeting features they’ve grown to expect among digital channels, a demand that will help to support the growth of addressable advertising on national TV. Measuring the effectiveness of those campaigns will be a key part of the next stage of linear TV’s evolution. “A lot of […]


Physician-Focused Ad Market Is Changing Fast with Programmatic Growth: Klick Health’s Jacob Lustig

Advertisers in the healthcare and drug industries have more tools to reach medical professionals and their patients as the media landscape evolves. Viewers are watching video content on multiple devices, including digital platforms that are selling more of their advertising inventory through automated auctions. “The fastest change in the programmatic space has been on the […]