Retail Media Can Drive Results on Open Web: Kinesso’s Sean Muzzy

SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising are expanding beyond the confines of their own websites to provide access to what are known as offsite advertising inventories. This progression unlocks the ability to reach audiences based on their purchase histories. “For many advertisers that are more endemic selling in retail, it’s been a great […]


Retail Media Networks Reach High-Purchase-Intent Shoppers: Hy-Vee’s Kathryn Mazza

LAS VEGAS – It’s not too late for retailers to start selling advertising if they haven’t already. In many ways, being a later mover is advantageous for retailers who can benefit from the learnings of others. “Building really strong relationships with the merchant team, the marketing teams, operations…those really strong foundation relationships will really help […]


Olympics Will Give Brands Massive Live Audience on Streaming: NBCU’s Peter Blacker

MIAMI – The Summer Olympics in Paris will be another sign that the world has moved past the isolation of the pandemic as millions of people travel to France to see the global sporting event. Millions more will watch the games on television as NBC Universal expands coverage among a wide variety of sports on […]


Shopper-Loyalty Program Delivers Audience Insights: Walgreens’ Abi Subramanian

LAS VEGAS – Walgreens, the storied drugstore chain founded in Chicago in 1901, took a bigger step into the digital age with the founding of its retail media network in 2020. Walgreens Advertising Group, or WAG, is another way for the company to connect customers with trusted brands. “I always wanted to be part of […]


News Content, Streamed Sports Are Favorable for Brands: Magna Global’s Stacey Stewart

SAN JUAN, PR – An estimated $11.1 billion this year will be spent on political advertising in the United States as Donald Trump and Joe Biden vie for second terms as president. Amid the barrage of political ads, independent or undecided voters will seek reliable, fact-based news – and that’s a good reason for consumer […]


Streaming TV Drives Shoppable Moments for Brands: Roku’s Jeff Katz

SAN JUAN, PR – Streaming television pioneer Roku not only has more than 80 million active accounts for advertisers to reach, but also which with whom to transact. These shoppable features mark an evolution of the platform beyond driving subscriptions for direct-to-consumer services such as Netflix and Disney+. “Consumers have more of an affinity for […]


AI & Person-Level Identifiers Drive Results in Retail Media: Epsilon’s Dave Peterson

LAS VEGAS – Publicis Groupe’s Epsilon unit aims to make advertising on retail media networks more effective with this month’s launch of Epsilon Retail Media. The platform applies artificial intelligence and person-level identifiers in the ad server to help brands target shoppers on retailers’ media properties and the open web. “When we talk about person-level […]


CTV Transparency Underpins Growth in Media Spending: PHD’s Katie Klein

SAN JUAN, PR – Many consumers have shifted their television viewing to streaming video, leading advertisers to set aside a bigger portion of their media budgets to connected television. However, they have faced frustrations with determining whether their ads are being seen within the walled gardens of video apps for smart TVs. “Transparency in connected […]


POSSIBLE Showcases Marketing Innovation: Uber’s Seho Lee

The POSSIBLE conference in Miami on April 15 to 17 will bring together advertising and marketing executives to share ideas and insights on the latest innovations that shape brand management. “I’m really excited about POSSIBLE this year,” Seho Lee, head of sales, strategic verticals at Uber Technologies, said in this interview with Lisa Granatstein, editorial […]


Retail Media Networks Have Major Offsite Ad Potential: Dentsu Media’s Bruce Williams

SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell digital advertising on their own websites are looking to expand these capabilities throughout the open web with what is known as offsite advertising. A key strength is audience targeting based on the purchase histories of their customers. “The expansion of offsite is really delivering on a lot of […]


Innovid Releases Harmony Direct to Optimize CTV Ads

Innovid on Tuesday launched its Harmony initiative to help optimize the advertising ecosystem for connected television. As part of the effort, the adtech company released Harmony Direct to help ensure that more advertiser dollars go to video publishers. “We’re about to see a significant jump in the growth of CTV,” Zvika Netter, co-founder and chief […]


Dual-Screen TVs Are Driving Brand Engagement With Viewers: Telly’s Bob Ivins

SAN JUAN, PR – Smart-TV startup Telly aims to change the value proposition for consumers by offering them free televisions in exchange for seeing advertisements. The promise for marketers is that campaigns have a greater chance of being seen – Telly’s set has twin screens, the lower of which shows unobstructed ads and information. “They’re […]


Alternative Ad Currencies Will Shape Upfront Talks: Carat’s Jessie Schwartzfarb

SAN JUAN, PR – Media-measurement company Comscore in March received accreditation from the Media Rating Council for national and local television household-level measurement. The accreditation was a significant step in Comscore’s role in helping to set the value of ad transactions, or what are known currencies. In this interview two weeks before Comscore’s accreditation, Beet.TV […]


First-Party Data Support Audience Targeting for Brands: Dollar General’s Molly Hjelm

LAS VEGAS – Retailers that sell advertising seek to differentiate themselves with extensive information about the buying habits of their customers. Discount chain Dollar General has 90 million reachable consumers with its DG Media Network. “Dollar General Media Network was born out of a problem that we were trying to solve for DG’s marketing,” Molly […]


Every Ad Doesn’t Have To Be Shoppable: Zenith’s Daniel Rolli

SAN JUAN, PR – The popularity of connected devices such as mobile phones and smart TVs has expanded the opportunities for brands to drive direct transactions with consumers. Shoppability is more pervasive, but that doesn’t mean every advertisement should be geared to drive a response. “Shoppability certainly appears to be everywhere these days. The question […]


Media Strategies Need Holistic View of Consumers: Verizon’s Jennifer Gardner

SAN JUAN, PR – The media landscape has become more fragmented as connected television apps offer viewers more ways to discover and watch programming. The resultant splintering of audiences has pushed mass-market brands to find ways to tell that their advertising is reaching consumers efficiently and effectively. “Transparency is critical for us. It helps inform […]


Hispanic Audiences Will Shine at Upfront: TelevisaUnivision’s Donna Speciale

SAN JUAN, PR – The Hispanic population is a significant source of economic growth for the United States, but its television audience historically has been undercounted. With this year’s upfront sales season, Spanish-language media giant TelevisaUnivision will showcase more comprehensive data about Hispanic viewers. “We built a lot of new capabilities with audience targeting,” Donna […]


Shoppers of Travel Experiences Reveal Key Insights to Consumer Brands: Tripadvisor’s Christine Maguire

SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising aren’t limited to ecommerce sites like Amazon or store chains like Walmart. The category of retail media networks includes marketplaces for services such as travel and tourism – key parts of what’s been described as the experience economy. “Travel is the ultimate experience, obviously, and there’re so […]


Brand Partnerships Underpin Retail Media’s Role in CTV: Albertsons’ Evan Hovorka

SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising can help brand marketers reach key audiences in their connected television campaigns. The role for retail media networks in marketing consumer packaged goods is similar to its place in other communications channels. “The challenge is the process for building creative, getting inventory aligned with our audiences and […]


Seedtag Launches Contextual TV for CTV Advertisers

Contextual advertising platform Seedtag this week introduced Contextual TV to help brands use contextual targeting tactics in their streaming ad buys. The product constructs audience segments based on online consumption patterns and viewing habits. Brands can target these audiences through demand-side platforms including The Trade Desk and Google’s DV360, according to an announcement. In this […]

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