SAN JUAN, PR – The media landscape has become more fragmented as connected television apps offer viewers more ways to discover and watch programming. The resultant splintering of audiences has pushed mass-market brands to find ways to tell that their advertising is reaching consumers efficiently and effectively.

“Transparency is critical for us. It helps inform choices that we make, who are we speaking to, where we need to speak to them, what type of content or creative we need to put in front of them,” Jennifer Gardner, vice president of media platforms at Verizon Communications, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan. “When we think about a holistic consumer journey, the more we know, the smarter choices that we can make.”

Brands also are grappling with the degradation of digital indicators that help to target and retarget audiences. Technology giants such as Google and Apple are giving people more tools to protect their online privacy, which can interfere with efforts to personalize consumer experiences.

“What we all want to be doing, or I hope what we all want to be doing, is creating a great consumer experience,” Gardner said, “but that doesn’t just fall on any one of us in this. It falls on us as marketers and advertisers, it falls on our media partners, it falls on our agency partners, our creative teams.”

To support these efforts, brands seek a holistic view of consumers as they divide their time spent with media among a variety of channels.

“When it comes to measurement, it’s really important to understand the component pieces of the consumer journey and the best tools that we have to look at those pieces individually,” Gardner said, “but we can’t forget that we’re all consumers and we participate in media channels and choices in different ways. If we don’t tie it together holistically, we end up in a system where something could falsely look like it worked on its own.”

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