Attention Metrics Highlight Need for Real Human Data: OMD’s Chrissie Hanson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The mobile era has given people more ways to spend time with electronic media, challenging advertisers to the get the attention of consumers who use many devices at the same time. Watching television, as one example, can be accompanied with other activities such as looking at a social media app on […]


Data Clean Rooms Help to Avert Other Kinds of Walled Gardens: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Stricter privacy laws and heightened public awareness about data sharing have pushed marketers and media companies to find ways to improve advertising campaigns while keeping batches of consumer information separate. Data clean rooms provide a way for advertisers and publishers media companies to match consumer data without sharing it. Another goal […]


People’s Viewing Habits Broaden Ideas About Television: Essence’s Julie Berger

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Whether people are watching a YouTube influencer on television or a favorite series on a mobile device, the pervasive accessibility to content is changing their ideas about how watch video. Advertisers must understand these habits as they seek to reach consumers across multiple connected devices. “We need to actually follow their […]


Addressable Television Harnesses Data for Efficient Audience Reach: Disney’s Jamie Power

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Marketers are gaining more ways to show different advertising to different consumers during the same television programming as addressability encompasses a broader range of linear and digital channels. Entertainment and media giant Disney has made a significant push into streaming as advertisers seek to reach consumers on any viewing device. “If […]


Data Clean Rooms Support Better TV Audience Targeting: DISH Media’s Kemal Bokhari

As privacy regulations become more restrictive in many regions, marketers are looking for ways to use consumer data to improve the effectiveness of their advertising while also protecting people’s privacy. Data clean rooms are one way to match their customer data with audience data without intermingling them. “We are a big believer in clean rooms, […]


Advertisers Are Pushing for Results from Advanced TV: Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – As addressable advertising expands throughout the television industry and matures, marketers have greater expectations that it will deliver results in terms of business outcomes. “We’re going from the potentiality of an industry to one that now has tens of billions of dollars in streaming and advanced TV advertising dollars being spent,” […]


Brands Have Multiple Ways to Protect Against CTV Ad Fraud: Magnite’s Nick Frizzell

Avoiding advertising fraud on connected television requires continual vigilance as scammers look for weaknesses in the media supply chain. Marketers, agencies, media owners and ad-tech companies can work together to diminish losses to fraud. “The more we can collaborate together, share knowledge, share lists, talk with one another to root out these bad actors at […]


Marketers Are Looking for a Biddable Ad Marketplace: Fox’s Abbie Reichner

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The broadcasting industry is taking steps to adopt technology that years ago helped to automate the digital advertising marketplace. Instead of placing an insertion order (I/O) for TV commercials, more marketers and agencies are using programmatic tools. “We’re definitely seeing that shift from direct I/O into programmatic, but not just programmatic […]


Midterm Elections Show CTV Is Key Part of Campaign Strategies: D2 Media’s Mark Failla

The pandemic helped to increase the demand for video streaming services as many people looked for ways to entertain themselves while stuck at home. The shift in viewing from traditional linear television to video on demand has led political campaigns to change their strategies, as seen in this month’s midterm elections. “People are watching and […]


Advertisers Are Speeding Push Into Advanced Audiences: NBCUniversal’s Ashley Luongo

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Consumers have more ways to watch television programming than ever before, challenging advertisers to reach them among multiple platforms. Comcast’s NBCUniversal wants to help marketers engage those audiences, whether they’re watching traditional linear television or streaming video on the Peacock ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) platform. “We’ve really seen an acceleration […]


Preventing CTV Ad Fraud Is Collective Effort: Index Exchange’s Rob Hazan

Stronger guards against ad fraud in connection television will help to expand automated media buying as marketers can feel confident about their efforts to reach bigger audiences. While they can negotiate one-to-one deals with publishers, they face certain limitations. “One proxy that a lot of buyers use for creating some safety in CTV is one-to-one […]


Major Brands Are Driving Adoption of CTV Advertising: FreeWheel’s Cameron Miille

Established brands have led the way into advertising on connected television, a break from the past when smaller, disruptor brands were more willing to take a chance on a new and comparatively untested medium. “You see a lot of those smaller brands really try to be the first ones there to exploit a market inefficiency, […]


Addressable TV Advertising Faces Privacy Concerns, Tech Hurdles: Paramount’s Julian Zilberbrand

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The idea of showing different advertising to different household during the same TV shows is appealing to marketers who want to ensure their media spending drives at outcome. That push toward more personalized advertising is counterbalanced with consumer concerns about privacy. “We have at least five different privacy laws coming up […]


Preventing Ad Fraud Requires Proactive Steps: FreeWheel’s Matthew Katz

Cybersecurity platforms for years have worked to eliminate fraudulent activity that costs advertisers millions of dollars a year. As those marketers shift more of their ad budgets into connected television (CTV), they must remain vigilant against suspicious activity that inflates viewership metrics. “A constant word that comes out of my mouth is ‘proactive’ — be […]


Telltale Signals Help to Detect CTV Ad Fraud : HUMAN’s Kristine Lopez

Security standards are still being developed for connected television (CTV), leaving parts of its advertising infrastructure exposed to potential fraud. Cybersecurity firm HUMAN relies on a variety of indicators to help determine the authenticity of streaming viewership as fraudsters seek to mine a segment that has lucrative cost per thousand (CPM) metrics. “Fraudsters like to […]


Watermarking Helps to Prevent CTV Ad Fraud: Roku’s Adam Markey

Preventing ad fraud on connected television (CTV) is a collaborative effort among companies throughout the digital-media supply chain. Streaming-device maker Roku works to prevent fraudulent activity on its platform to ensure that legitimate publishers can fully monetize their content and advertisers are getting value for their media investment. “We have a lot of control over […]


Deal with Horizon Media Helps Optimize CTV Ad Sales: Magnite’s Sean Buckley

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Horizon Media is consolidating its omnichannel media buys through sell-side platform Magnite with a focus on connected television, according to an announcement about their multiyear agreement. The deal expands their relationship and emphasizes supply-path optimization, which is the process of finding the shortest and most profitable path to ad inventory for demand-side […]


Higher Digital Ad Costs Push Brands Toward Other Media Channels: Quad’s Josh Golden

ORLANDO – Marketers piled into digital advertising as the pandemic kept many people at home, where they logged onto social media, watched streaming video and shopped online. As people learned to live with Covid-19 and went back to shopping in stores, going to the office and traveling by airplane, marketers have readapted their strategies to […]


Battling CTV Ad Fraud Is Collective Effort: Butler/Till’s Scott Ensign

Connected television gives advertisers the ability to reach highly targeted audiences, but there are risks that advertising fraud will drain away part of their media spending. Tackling the problem requires a collaboration among advertisers, agencies, media companies, adtech firms and cyberspecialists. “The things that make me optimistic about the space is I see a lot […]


Leaders at Nielsen, Ampersand, The Trade Desk, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, MiQ and PubMatic Gather for the Beet Retreat

The Beet Retreat kicks off this week in Santa Monica, California, bringing together the leaders and professionals who are shaping the future of the media industry. This year’s gathering comes as companies throughout the media ecosystem look to forge strong relationships with others as they work together improve the consumer experience and the effectiveness of […]

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