SAN JUAN, PR – Media-measurement company Comscore in March received accreditation from the Media Rating Council for national and local television household-level measurement. The accreditation was a significant step in Comscore’s role in helping to set the value of ad transactions, or what are known currencies.

In this interview two weeks before Comscore’s accreditation, Beet.TV spoke with Jessie Schwartzfarb, senior vice president and group director of video investment at Dentsu International’s Carat, about her expectations for currencies as television upfront sales ramp up.

“When we’re looking at numbers from different currency providers, we expect that because they’re using different methodological philosophies, that they’re all going to be different,” Schwartzfarb said in a conversation with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan.

Viewership trends and a common-sense approach to data analysis are important when looking at reports from measurement companies such as Nielsen, Comscore, and VideoAmp, Schwartzfarb said.

“We were looking at data from a long-tail cable network with one of the currency partners and noticed that the impressions…they were showing were way too big to have possibly been delivered,” she said. “Overlaying a rigor of just common sense is going to be really important in the process as well.”

Nielsen will remain as an important resource for demographic data, while other providers such as VideoAmp will help to measure audiences, Schwartzfarb said.

“We can’t get away from needing to make sure that anything that we’re going to transact on has been validated to a level that we feel comfortable we can transact on it,” she said. “We need to make sure that whatever currency provider that we are going to go with, that they are measuring as much as possible of everything that we’re measuring.”

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