SAN JUAN, PR – The Hispanic population is a significant source of economic growth for the United States, but its television audience historically has been undercounted. With this year’s upfront sales season, Spanish-language media giant TelevisaUnivision will showcase more comprehensive data about Hispanic viewers.

“We built a lot of new capabilities with audience targeting,” Donna Speciale, president of advertising sales and marketing at TelevisaUnivision, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat San Juan. “We built our own U.S. Hispanic household graph that now represents 95% of all U.S. Hispanics.”

Media-measurement company Nielsen also enhanced its viewer panel with “big data” from multiple sources to offer a more thorough counting of Spanish-language audiences.

“That Panel + Big Data is now a much better representation of our audience, and it’s time to lean in. So this upfront, we’re going in,” Speciale said. “It’s been way too long, too many years of under-representation, and we now have to use Nielsen Panel + Big Data to do the measurement.”

Speciale’s career includes roles as president of ad sales at WarnerMedia, and on the media-buying side as president of investment, activation and agency operations at Publicis Groupe’s MediaVest Worldwide.

When she joined Univision three years ago – before its $4.8 billion merger with Televisa – Speciale first identified major brands that advertised in English, but not Spanish.

“We’re close to bringing close to 250 new clients to our network and our platform,” she said. “It’s still not enough. It’s still not all of the advertisers that are in English-language, but we go step by step, inch by inch.”

‘Hispanic Market Should Be Foundation in Marketing Plans’: Univision’s Donna Speciale

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