SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell digital advertising on their own websites are looking to expand these capabilities throughout the open web with what is known as offsite advertising. A key strength is audience targeting based on the purchase histories of their customers.

“The expansion of offsite is really delivering on a lot of the proposition that we’ve been talking about for the last year or two in terms of retail media really becoming a part of the larger media ecosystem,” Bruce Williams, executive vice president and head of performance marketing at Dentsu Media, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat San Juan with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams. “It’s gonna be an interesting time to continue to put a little bit of pressure on growth and the dollars that are coming into the category.”

Retailers are at different stages of maturation and sophistication with their media networks. The best ones have a strong understanding of how brands and agencies buy media, which includes using demand-side platforms for programmatic advertising.

“They’ve responded in terms of putting more of media into DSPs and moving a little bit more offsite and allowing for some of this stuff to work through the proposition of enterprise media working side by side with retail media,” Williams said. “We see that progression happening and in terms of just providing a little bit more transparency on data.”

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Artificial intelligence has become a more important tool for advertisers as they seek deeper insights from big data. More recently, generative AI that’s capable of creating text and images in response to natural-language commands is being applied to media and marketing workflows.

“We have tools that we’ve been developing which are powered by generative AI,” Williams said, “and we’re bringing that together with real-time clients’ performance data, also in a client-safe ecosystem.”

CTV as Performance Media

Millions of U.S. households have connected their televisions directly to the internet. These electronic links open up the possibility for greater interaction between brands and consumers whose performance can be measured. These interactions aren’t necessarily at the bottom part of the purchase funnel, Williams said.

“One of the biggest questions is: is connected TV leading to this opportunity for TV to be more outcome-oriented or to be more of a performance media?” Williams said. “The answer is inherently ‘yes,’ but the big thing that everybody needs to hear when we say that is that does not mean it’s lower-funnel…. It just means it has a connection to outcomes and accountability.”

Data Monetization Extends Scope of Retail Media: Dentsu’s Bruce Williams

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