TransUnion’s Vision for Interoperability: The Future of Identity in Advertising

MIAMI — In the evolving digital landscape, where addressability and the very nature of identifiers are shifting, the call for effective interoperability has never been louder. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Julie Clark, SVP of Media & Entertainment at TransUnion, underscores the urgency of this development. “Interoperability is essential to be able to make […]


Identity Begins At Home: TransUnion’s Rudich On Post-Cookie ROI

SAN JUAN, PR — As the digital landscape continues to fragment, advertisers face the daunting challenge of reaching consumers who are scattered across an ever-expanding universe of media channels and platforms. For Gillian Rudich, the complexity of today’s ecosystem necessitates a sophisticated approach to understanding and engaging with audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rudich, […]


Clean Rooms Are A Game-Changer: TransUnion’s Rudich

SAN JUAN, PR — One of the hottest software trends in ad-tech has been the emergence of “clean rooms”. The software helps companies combine and overlay data sets in a privacy-compliant manner, allowing for deduplication, segment creation and so on. For Gillian Rudich, VP, Strategic Partnerships, TransUnion, clean rooms offer transparency and privacy, as well as […]


TransUnion Offers The Full Stack As Curiosity Drives Demand

SANTA MONICA, CA — These days, big brands looking to leverage data in advertising have to consider identity resolution, audience building, activation, measurement and analytics. TransUnion wants to offer the whole kaboodle under one roof. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cory Davis, Sr. Industry Executive, Media & Platforms, TransUnion, explains why. Consolidating Providers TransUnion […]


Empathy And Transparency: The Twin Pillars Of Leadership In A Transforming Industry

CANNES — In the heart of a rapidly evolving industry, empathy and transparency emerge as the paramount traits for effective leadership, according to Julie Clark, SVP, Media & Entertainment at TransUnion. Clark joined the consumer data company in May this year from being Spotify’s global head of advertising revenue innovation. She also held senior roles […]


Identity Resolution Is A Prerequisite To Data Clean Rooms: TransUnion’s Spiegel

LAS VEGAS — In 2023, “clean rooms” are getting plenty of attention in a media and advertising industry seeking ways to collaborate with data. The tech lets partners work on connecting datasets – without sharing privacy-sensitive parts. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Spiegel, EVP, Media & Entertainment Vertical, TransUnion, says “clean room” […]


Flight To Quality Means Intermediaries, Too: TransUnion’s Vermeulen

With digital audience identifiers waning in usefulness, many ad buyers are once again looking back toward “quality” media opportunities. But that quest for “quality” doesn’t just mean media – it also means middlemen. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Frans Vermeulen, VP Strategy & Market Development, TransUnion, explains why the supply chain must also clean […]


Unpacking Identity: TransUnion’s Spiegel Reclaims A ‘Generic’ Trend

In the modern world of ad targeting, it seems every vendor, buyer and publishers is focused on audience “identity”. But, with so many organizations offering “identity” services, what does it all mean? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Spiegel, EVP, Marketing Solutions, Head of Media Vertical, TransUnion, argues that sales pitch has become “too […]


How Data Is Redefining TV Ads: TransUnion, Univision, TVSquared Execs Discuss

Once upon a time, it was the dumb box in the corner of the room. Now, thanks to digitization and internet connection, the humble TV is collecting vast quantities of audience data, usable for ad targeting. In this panel discussion, three executives at the coalface of the quest for TV ad data tell Beet.TV editorial […]


Data, ‘A Great Equalizer’, Redefines Premium Media: TransUnion’s Swanston

Not so long ago, many big media buyers just wanted a “premium” audience. By and large, that meant big, mainstay media houses that could deliver a scaled audience. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV editorial adviser Jon Watts, one man at the center of the ad data revolution says “premium” has been rebooted. Data […]


‘We’re Here To Play’: TransUnion Favors Integration In TV Foray

LOS ANGELES – It may be more commonly thoughts of as a consumer credit information provider. But, after a couple of years involving acquisitions and integrations, TransUnion has arrived on the map as an advertising data enabler. In this video interview at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat in Santa Monica, Frans Vermeulen, VP of market development for […]


Why We Beat A Path To Beet Retreat: TransUnion’s Matt Spiegel

CHICAGO – After a disrupted couple of years for the industry, Beet Retreat is fully back in business. Beet.TV’s industry get-together arrives at Loews, Santa Monica Beach Hotel, on November 17. Executives are gathering at a time when the redefinition that was bubbling in the industry was crystallised by pandemic effects. Now the mood in […]


Rishad Tobaccowala on the #BeetCast: An Opportunity Lost? A Booming Marketing Biz Stuck in Mediocrity

The marketing and advertising world is at an exciting, expansive point. In fact the true scope of the industry is under counted. But it lacks the energy and positivity to grow, opines the longtime agency futurist and best-selling author Rishad Tobaccowala in this wide ranging podcast interview with guest host Matt Spiegel, EVP at TransUnion. While […]


Steering Clients & Colleagues Through the Ups an Downs of the Pandemic, My Chat with OMD CEO John Osborn

This week’s guest on the #BeetCast podcast is John Osborn, CEO of OMD, the Omnicom media agency responsible for many major brands including Apple, McDonald’s, State Farm and others. John joined OMD in 2017 from the global creative agency BBDO where he was CEO. In this conversation, he speaks about managing brand’s media investments during […]


Neustar A ‘Nice Fit’ At $3.1bn: TransUnion’s Spiegel On Building Out Identity Capabilities

CHICAGO – For a company that is well versed in tracking spending, TransUnion certainly knows how to finance an acquisition. Its planned acquisition of ad identity resolution company Neustar for $3.1 billion, announced Tuesday, would be its fourth in the space in the last couple of years. In this video interview with Beet.TV, TransUnion’s EVP […]


TransUnion’s New TruAudience Suite Views Identity In “3D”: Spiegel

CHICAGO – After a series of acquisitions in the last couple of years, consumer data company TransUnion is wrapping its units together into one, and “retiring” three former brands. The company had acquired Tru Optik, Signal Digital and TruSignal, as it built out its own ambition to provide consumer and household data to power ad […]


#BeetCast Replay: Andre Swanston: Angels Saved My Start-up as VC’s Shut the Door

He had a successful exit when his start-up Tru Optik was sold to data giant Transunion last year.   But it was  tough sledding, building an advanced media data business five years ago.  Now a super-hot sector, Andre was ahead of his time. While he made early progress with product development and industry partnerships, funded from a few […]


TransUnion is Powering OpenAP’s ID Solution

CHICAGO – The increasingly complex world of advanced, targeted TV advertising may settle down into an accepted norm of multiple standards, buying channels and viewer identity profiles – as long as there are sufficient connectors to translate between each of them. In the latest move, OpenID, the US TV network consortium, is launching its own […]


Contextual Advertising, Unique Identifiers Coming In Focus as Cookies Fade, Meredith’s Borsa on the #BeetCast

Alysia Borsa, President of Digital at Meredith Corporation, the giant lifestyle publisher, discusses how she is navigating the post-cookie world in this episode of the BeetCast with guest host Matt Spiegel, EVP for Media at TransUnion. She explains the rising value of contextual marketing, the need for unified identity solutions, and “clean rooms.” Addressing the […]


TransUnion Injects Identity Into Blockgraph

The cable TV industry initiative aimed at securely sharing viewer data whilst keeping privacy in mind just levelled-up, by striking a partnership that gives it access to a huge consumer identity graph. Blockgraph – owned by Comcast NBCUniversal, Charter Communications, Inc. and ViacomCBS – is partnering with TransUnion, the consumer data company which has been […]

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