SAN JUAN, PR — In an era where advertisers seek to captivate audiences with more engaging and personalized content, cutting-edge AI technology is transforming the way we understand and interact with video advertising.

One company is harnessing the power of AI to create immersive experiences that drive business outcomes for advertisers and publishers alike.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jay Wolff, CRO, KERV AI, says his technology can identify objects within video content, enabling a new level of performance-driven advertising.

Contextual Moments: The Future of Advertising

With the increasing importance of contextual signals in advertising, Wolff explains KERV’s pivotal role in the industry’s future. “We think contextual moments are the future,” he says. By tying contextual moments to the placement of commercials, particularly in Connected TV (CTV), they are working to enhance the impact of ad buys in an evolving digital landscape.

The goal is to seamlessly integrate the scene’s context with the advertisement, leveraging AI to make this connection more meaningful and effective.

The company’s reach extends across various platforms, from mobile and desktop to CTV and traditional TV screens, all with a focus on personalized dynamics and business outcomes. “We believe in business outcomes for television, so we’re pushing that through AI,” Wolff states, highlighting the importance of tailoring technology to meet the specific needs of each medium.

Case Study Success: Audi and PhD

Wolff shares a success story involving Audi and PhD, which garnered media attention and awards. With a single base creative, they were able to target a hundred different markets with dynamically changing QR codes within the video content.

“That accelerated performance when it came to scan rate time spent with the brand,” Wolff says, illustrating the tangible benefits of their AI-driven approach.

The immediacy of the data collected is another key advantage. “We get a scan and then we immediately have that device, and we’re able to do retargeting off that device based on who’s scanned from what market,” he shares. This capability to act on real-time engagement data allows for a more sophisticated and responsive advertising strategy.

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