SAN JUAN, PR — The Beet Retreat is always an occasion when all sides of the advanced video and TV advertising industry can come together to share best practice.

But research VAB presented at this year’s Beet Retreat San Juan suggests advertisers and their agencies are not on the same page.

VAB commissioned research to understand what both sides think constitutes “premium video”.

“We were getting different answers,” says Sean Cunningham, President & CEO, VAB, ahead of Beet Retreat, March 6 to 8, 2024, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This observation led VAB to partner with Ad Perceptions, aiming to dissect these contrasting views. “We found out that there were significant differences in perceptions along these lines of premium video and what constitutes it,” Cunningham notes, highlighting the discord between two entities that typically work in tandem.

Discrepancies in Perception: The Ad Fraud Example

When delving into specifics, Cunningham points out one particularly revealing gap.

Respondents were asked if they think linear TV is just as vulnerable to ad fraud as digital media. The responses were eye-opening.

Thirty-six percent of advertisers said  “Yes”.

In stark contrast, only 9% of agencies echoed this sentiment—a discrepancy that Cunningham attributes to an “immersion into transparent versus non-transparent media”.

A Call for a Unified Transparency Standard

VAB, an acronym for Video Advertising Bureau, provides members with data-driven research and insights for video advertising effectiveness. VAB advocates for the value of multi-screen advertising, helping brands connect with their audiences.

Cunningham’s ultimate goal is to spark a conversation about the essence of truly premium video. “We need to have a discussion as to what are the attributes of truly premium video,” he urges, suggesting that a universal transparency standard could be the key to bridging the divide.

The VAB’s research, presented at the Beet Retreat, is but the “tip of the iceberg” according to Cunningham. The report, “Eyes Wide Open: Uncovering Marketers’ Perspectives on Ad Fraud, Brand Safety and Transparency”, will be released on next week

The goal is to initiate a dialogue that goes beyond labels and transactions, focusing on the performance, brand safety, and sales growth that truly premium video should deliver.

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