Agencies & Brands Can’t Agree On Premium Video Definition, Fraud Risk: VAB Research

SAN JUAN, PR — The Beet Retreat is always an occasion when all sides of the advanced video and TV advertising industry can come together to share best practice. But research VAB presented at this year’s Beet Retreat San Juan suggests advertisers and their agencies are not on the same page. VAB commissioned research to […]


One Transparency Standard Needed for Premium Video Industry: VAB’s Cunningham

After a year in which a report warned YouTube ad buyers may fall foul of brand safety concerns, a member body representing video, TV and ad-tech companies says the industry needs to consolidate its different transparency standards. This summer’s Adalytics study came before a recent ANA research piece found widespread programmatic supply chain transparency concerns. […]


Premium Longform TV: The Most Valuable Asset for Marketers

With platforms like TikTok taking off, many advertisers are figuring out how to balance both social video and big-budget TV. For Danielle DeLauro, there is a big distinction. DeLauro, EVP at VAB, representing main-line TV broadcasters, says TV ads are better placed to drive outcomes. Not all content is created equal “The premium value of […]


Local Is Lightning: 3x Growth In Audience-Based Buying Since COVID-19, VAB’s Cunningham Says

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – It is often disregarded as of lesser importance and sophistication, but the local US TV market is big business. In this video interview with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat San Juan, one local TV expert says the sector has been a voracious adopter of new advanced TV ad sales techniques. VAB […]


Audience-Based Buying is Ready for Primetime, VAB CEO Sean Cunningham

Welcome to this episode of the #BeetCast In this episode, I am very happy to welcome our good friend and industry leader Sean Cunnigham, CEO of the VAB, previously known as the Video Advertising Bureau. The VAB is the essential advertising industry organization for the television programmers, networks and the entire TV industry. An ad […]


Keep Calm & Advertise On: VAB’s Cunningham

2020 was a difficult year for many companies. But it may also end up being a year when those that were able to invest in marketing created a new foothold that catapulted them toward growth. VAB, an insights-driven organization dedicated to answering marketers’ toughest questions, says it pulled a century of economic data and found […]


TV Can Catapult D2C Brands: Comcast Advertising’s Rothwell

TV commercials may often seem like they are full of ads for traditional mainstay brands. But TV is now a medium that can drive results even for upstarts, according to a new piece of research. The Halo Effect, a report from VAB and Comcast Advertising’s Effectv, examined direct-to-consumer (D2C) and 50 other brands to discover […]


“We are an Audience Delivery Company,” Effectv’s James Rooke

Audience-based targeting is transforming TV advertising as marketers seek to reach consumers based on more robust data including their intentions to buy products and services. The shift has led Comcast Cable to emphasize a data-driven approach that builds on its foundation in local advertising for small- and medium-size businesses. “Our roots are very much in […]


VAB’s DeLauro to Advertisers: Maintaining Share of Voice is Essential Now

How can brands justify their advertising investment in an economic downturn? The VAB looked at over 100 years of data and found that in an economic downturn, the most serious consequences come when bands stop advertising. In an interview with Beet.TV, Danielle DeLauro, executive vice president of VAB, explores what trends data supports for media […]


VAB’s Cunningham: DTC Brands Reflect the Current State of Television

To get an idea of how TV’s role has changed for marketers, just look to DTC brands, says Sean Cunningham, CEO of the Video Advertising Bureau. “They reflect what the current state of television is, which is full funnel, all the time,” Cunningham told Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat hosted by Horizon Media in New […]


Effectiveness Drives Ad Load: VAB’s Cunningham On TV

SANTA BARBARA — Around the new TV industry, sentiment is growing that there are too many ads on screen. As the average total duration of ads on US TV has climbed to 22 minutes per hour, subscription, ad-free video services have risen in popularity. That is prompting a recalibration, with many networks committing to air […]