TikTok’s Ads Odyssey Advances With Brands, Billboards & Buying

LAS VEGAS — TikTok has transcended being just a hub for dance challenges and youthful exuberance; it’s now a cultural powerhouse with over 160 million monthly active users in the US alone. Advertisers are taking note. TikTok is expected to take up to 2.6% of total digital ad spend worldwide in 2024, eMarketer forecasts. In this […]


Snowflake Sees Emergent Data-Sharing Uses, M&A To Boost Interoperability

LAS VEGAS — In the wake of a post-cookie advertising landscape, the shift toward first-party data strategies is gaining momentum, according to Bill Stratton, Global Head, Media, Entertainment & Advertising Vertical, at Snowflake. The data cloud company is seeing brands increasingly leveraging clean rooms and first-party data. And Snowflake recently acquired another data company to […]


Samsung Ads Aims To Eliminate Linear, Streaming Ads Overlap: Samsung’s Evans

LAS VEGAS — These days, consumer electronics makers at CES don’t just show off their latest TV hardware. Some also demonstrate their capabilities in media and advertising services. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Justin Evans, Global Head of Analytics & Insights, Samsung Ads, explains how the company is launching new services to help advertisers benefit […]


AI Agents Boost Productivity for Media Agencies: Kinesso’s Graham Wilkinson

LAS VEGAS – Consumers have become more familiar with generative artificial technology amid the explosive popularity of apps such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. Other forms of AI such as virtual agents have been used by media and marketing professionals for several years, to positive effect. “If I look at the volume of work that I […]


Cookieless Web Drives Media Transformation: OMD USA’s Sébastien Hernoux

LAS VEGAS – Alphabet Inc.’s Google this year began to give users of its popular Chrome browser more control over their online privacy by limiting the use of tracking cookies. The technology has underpinned online advertising since the internet was commercialized in the mid-1990s, and buyers and sellers of media are preparing for its disappearance. […]


Gen AI Is Helping to Drive Innovation for Advertisers: Annalect’s Clarissa Season

LAS VEGAS – Generative artificial intelligence, the technology that powers popular apps such as ChatGPT, is quickly being adopted by a variety of organizations that seek to improve efficiency, foster creativity and improving customization. Media buyers are among these adopters of gen AI as they collectively help to determine how billions of dollars are spent […]


Brands Can Find Alternatives to Tracking Cookies: Mediabrands’ Suraj Gandhi

LAS VEGAS – Alphabet Inc.’s Google this year started giving some users of its popular Chrome browser more control over their online privacy by limiting the use of tracking cookies. Advertisers are testing alternatives to the technology as part of their efforts to reach consumers. “The reality is there’s entire mix of targeting that you […]


Samsung Ads’ Richardson Says CTV Ads Offer Performance & Popularity

LAS VEGAS — In the rapidly evolving world of connected TV (CTV) and digital advertising, brands are constantly seeking more precise targeting and measurable outcomes. Samsung Ads has positioned itself in this arena by leveraging a vast array of consumer data from across its ecosystem of devices. Michael Richardson, Global Head of Product at Samsung […]


Samsung Ads Makes Its DSP Simpler & Smarter With Activator, Data Partnerships: Craig Chinn

LAS VEGAS — What can an ad platform from a TV maker offer in 2024? Samsung Ads launched its DSP in 2020. Now it is making enhancements to the platform. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Craig Chinn, VP of Platform Sales at Samsung Ads, shares insights into the company’s latest endeavors to transform the […]


AI Igniting Retail Media For Albertson’s Muppidi

LAS VEGAS — At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), two of the the fastest-emerging digital trends overlapped. Artificial intelligence is helping spur retail media networks. That was the views shared with Beet.TV by Sravanthi Muppidi, VP, Software Engineering, Albertsons. Albertsons is a leading food and drug retailer in the United States and has started its […]


Advanced Advertising Is Big Step Toward Media Convergence: WBD’s Noah Levine

LAS VEGAS – Media companies for years have embraced technology to help advertisers improve reach and frequency among key audiences. Warner Bros. Discovery, whose network brands include CNN, TBS, TNT, Food Network, HGTV and TLC, has developed data-driven linear and linear addressable capabilities. It also has streaming platforms Max and Discovery+, along with free, ad-supported […]


CTV Advertising Needs Better Pricing for Brands: OMD’s Kelly Metz

LAS VEGAS – Millions of households have connected their televisions directly to the internet to expand their choices of programming among a variety of apps, including many advertising-supported ones that are free to watch. Brands want to reach these audiences, but they face some impediments with CTV advertising. “The reason why we’re not moving fast […]


Instacart’s Miller On Innovating The In-Aisle, Off-Platform Ad Experience

LAS VEGAS — Grocery delivery firm Instacart isn’t standing still. The outfit is transforming its underlying offering and also its advertiser services. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ali Miller, VP, Product Management, Instacart, describes a raft of new offerings. The Strategic Push for Off-Platform Presence With the digital advertising world grappling with signal loss, […]


Beyond Reach: Seedtag’s Villalobos Takes CTV Ad Outlook Forward

LAS VEGAS — The audience-finding capabilities of connected TV advertising are often used to extend the reach of TV campaigns without duplication. But it’s about more than that, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike Villalobos, VP of Strategy, NA, Seedtag, explains his vision. Reinventing Monetization and Targeting Seedtag in 2014 was co-founded by […]


Artificial Intelligence Provides Key Insights from Big Data: GroupM Nexus’s JiYoung Kim

LAS VEGAS – Popular apps such as ChatGPT and DALL-E have showcased the growing capabilities of generative artificial intelligence, but other forms of the technology have been used by media and marketing professionals for several years. “AI has really been helping us in an everyday context, specifically AI-driven optimizations and pattern detection and performance,” JiYoung […]


Preparing for a Cookieless Future: Matt Lattman, Discover Financial Services

LAS VEGAS — With Google’s on-again, off-again cookie deprecation plans now having accelerated, the industry is swallowing a seismic shift. On January 4, 2024, Google began rolling out Tracking Protection for 1% of a randomly-selected group of Chrome users, due to ramp-up through 2024. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Lattman, SVP, Card Acquisition Marketing, Discover […]


Marketers Have Multiple Data Signals to Supplant Cookies: Mindshare’s Brian DeCicco

LAS VEGAS – Alphabet Inc.’s Google this year began its long-publicized effort to give people more control of their online privacy by limiting the use of tracking cookies in its popular Chrome browser. Advertising agencies are working to help their clientele adapt to the loss of a key signal of consumer behavior. “The first thing […]


How MRI-Simmons Is Adapting To High-Velocity Consumer Data

LAS VEGAS — A veteran audience insights agency is endeavoring to pivot from “passive” to “proactive” as it adapts to the new demands of brands. Simmons has long operated consumer insights from its  American Consumer survey. Launched as a joint venture in 2019, MRI-Simmons is co-owned by GfK and SymphonyAI Group, with GfK as the […]


Advertisers Seek Consistency Among Streaming Services: BrightLine’s Mike Bologna

LAS VEGAS – The digital backbone for streaming video offers the possibility to make television as interactive as other devices such as computers and smartphones. That capability opens up more ways for publishers and advertisers to engage with audiences. Media-technology company BrightLine works to provide compatibility across streaming services. “When we create an ad to […]


Brand-Building Has Key Role Amid Retail Media Growth: Publicis’s Margaux Logan

LAS VEGAS – Retailers that sell advertising make up a fast-growing part of the media marketplace, especially with the power of retailers to drive transactions for brands. Amid this growth, retail media also has a role in traditional brand-building strategies such as driving consumer awareness. “I spend a lot of time working with Amazon…the amount […]

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