Publishers now have another way to quantify their digital carbon footprint, after ad network Sharethrough agreed to pay for a year’s worth of carbon measurement service by 51toCarbonZero on their behalf.

Sharethrough is calling it the Net Zero Publisher Program. As well as footing publishers’ 51toCarbonZero bill, Sharethrough is also able to create a Sharethrough’s Path to Net-Zero Marketplace. In it, publishers’ will get a bigger shop-window to climate-conscious advertisers, while ad buyers will see a curated marketplace of publishers committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions.

One such buyer is IPG Mediabrands, an “anchor partner” in the scheme. On the publisher side, Hearst Newspapers has signed.

In Sharethrough’s announcement, Martin Bryan, global chief sustainability officer at Interpublic Group’s IPG Mediabrands, says:

“At IPG Mediabrands, we’re committed to improving the sustainability of advertising and supporting the Net Zero Publisher Program which helps accelerate the availability of SBTi-approved media inventory by 2025. We’re proud to recognize Sharethrough as the go-to advertising exchange helping publishers, agencies and brands alike achieve this goal.”

Bryan spoke about IPG Mediabrands’ climate quest at Cannes Lions in June 2023. We are republishing that video in this article.

He said:

“We have a sustainability report which holds us accountable for the emissions that we are generating in our business across scope one, two and three. We are also working actively with our clients to help them in the downstream emission measurement that is required for them to report to their shareholders.

“Setting those goals, working with those partners, that’s a really fast accelerant for adoption.”