Envision a world where data sets seamlessly integrate, where advertisers can effortlessly understand their engaged audience.

That is the future Kevin Krim of EDO – a data, measurement and analytics company – wants to see.

Back in the summer, the company partnered with Nielsen to plug their data into their respective platforms. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the 12th Annual CIMM Summit in NYC, CEO Krim explains the evolution of TV ad measurement as testified by data.

The EDO-Nielsen Partnership: A Unified View

“What we hear from mutual clients all the time and what we’ve heard for years is that they’re trying to combine our data sets into how they plan, optimize, and report out their campaigns,” Krim says. “It’s hard to do unless we join these data sets at their fundamental level.”

EDO says its technology measures spikes in online brand engagement activity – like search spikes – in the moments after a TV ad airs, in order to correlate outcomes to ad exposures. It has also learned to predict these outcomes.

Nielseon ONE audience measurement data will be available as an input to that predictive data, and EDO’s outcomes data will also become available as an input to Nielsen’s Media Impact planning software.

“We’re collecting, measuring the data for everything that’s happening on TV,” Krim explains.

Client Base and Future Prospects

EDO has been steadily building over the last eight years, and raised an $80 million funding round in 2022.

EDO works with both the buy side and the sell side, including brands, agencies, national TV networks, and AVOD streamers. But Krim underscores the importance of integrating with agencies, who are pivotal to the workflow of convergent TV.

Their client base includes major players like NBCUniversal’s Peacock and Amazon for Thursday Night Football. EDO also serves as Netflix’s preferred outcome measurement partner for their ad-supported tier.

Amazon’s Thursday Football Drives High Website Footfall: EDO’s Krim

As for the future, Krim hints at a continued focus on the streaming marketplace and potential expansion beyond the United States.

“Streaming’s a huge marketplace. There’s obviously the question of when we expand beyond the United States, and I think that’s another exciting frontier for us,” he adds.