Sustainability & Responsible Marketing Summit Highlights with Adlook & Sharethrough: Ad Industry Seeks to Shrink Carbon Footprint

CANNES – The media and marketing industries in the past few years have grown more aware of how advertising activities lead to emissions of greenhouse gasses. Beet.TV hosted the Sustainability and Responsible Marketing Summit to bring together professionals from a variety of advertising agencies, ad-tech companies and industry associations. This highlight reel captures some of […]


Cutting Carbon Emissions With One Click: Adlook’s Gut On A Green Path To Scope 3

CANNES — In an industry where performance and sustainability are often seen as mutually exclusive, Patrick Gut, VP, Head of Sales, US, at Adlook, firmly believes that they can and should go hand-in-hand. In this fireside discussion with Ad Net Zero US director John Osborn at Cannes Lions, he introduces Adlook’s new product, Green Path, […]


GreenPath Launch Aims to Shrink Ad-Tech’s Carbon Footprint: Adlook’s Patrick Gut

CANNES – The ad-tech industry relies on computers whose power partly comes from burning fossil fuels. Natural gas and coal are used to generate 60% of the electricity in the United States, while 20% comes from renewable sources such as wind and hydroelectric, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Demand-side platform Adlook is looking […]