TV Is Still TV: MiQ’s Chugthai On Why The Medium Deserves A Unique Message

SALISBURY, CT – The digital media industry is buzzing about advanced TV data. In that mix, many in the supply chain have come to record TV as just another form of video. But Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV at MiQ, urges us to remember that “TV is TV” and needs to be treated […]


Digital Video Advertising Gives Framework for CTV: MiQ’s Moe Chughtai

Consumers are spending more time watching video on televisions connected to the internet, giving advertisers more opportunities to reach them through ad-supported streaming services. The convergence between linear television and digital video is culminating in connected TV (CTV). “What’s interesting about CTV specifically is if you look at the mechanism by which users get their […]