Cookieless Future Demands Strategies for Data Signals: OMD USA’s Chrissie Hanson

LAS VEGAS – Alphabet Inc.’s Google this month began its long-planned effort to give people more control of their online privacy by limiting the use of tracking cookies in its popular Chrome browser. Advertising agencies are working to help their clientele adapt to the loss of a key signal of consumer behavior. “We’ve been diligently […]


Media Context Has Key Role in People’s Attention to Ads: Fireside Chat with OMD’s Chrissie Hanson and Teads’s Monique Pintarelli

CANNES – Marketers are continually seeking indicators of the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. That goal has become more difficult as consumers seek more control over how their personal data are shared with brands. In this environment, marketers are seeking more information about how much attention people pay to advertising and about the context in […]


Workplace Diversity Is Key Business Result: OMD USA’s Chrissie Hanson

SALISBURY, Ct. – Diversity and inclusion efforts show signs of stalling after years of progress, according to a recent survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). It also found differences of opinion about inclusion efforts among different levels of management. “When you see that there are more changes felt and seen by the C-suite […]


Operationalizing Attention to Drive Better Outcomes: OMD USA’s Chrissie Hanson

CANNES – Measuring people’s attention to advertising in the past few years has become a bigger part of helping marketers to shape their campaign strategies. “When we think about attention, it came from our original desire to show an improvement in the way we harness our clients’ dollars to do better outcomes,” Chrissie Hanson, chief […]


Measuring People’s Attention to Ads Offers Mid-Funnel Insights: OMD’s Chrissie Hanson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Consumers for years have divided their time among electronic media, such as watching television while surfing the web or scrolling through a social media feed. The popularity of smartphones magnified this behavior, vexing marketers who seek assurance that potential customers are seeing their advertising. Brands increasingly want to know whether consumers […]


Attention Metrics Highlight Need for Real Human Data: OMD’s Chrissie Hanson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The mobile era has given people more ways to spend time with electronic media, challenging advertisers to the get the attention of consumers who use many devices at the same time. Watching television, as one example, can be accompanied with other activities such as looking at a social media app on […]


Consumer Attention Is Key to Better Campaign Outcomes: OMD’s Chrissie Hanson

The introduction of the smartphone extended the time that many consumers spend with media throughout the day. Still, advertisers have only so many moments to get people’s attention as they divide their time among a wider variety of media channels. Marketers also have more tools to help understand the quality and quantity of attention. “The […]


The New Laws Of The Attention Economy: OMD’s Hanson

As sections of the ad industry pivot away from so-called “proxy metrics”, many are leaning into two different kinds of marketing measurement – actual ad outcomes, and attention tracking. For upper-funnel brand goals, that second one is important. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chrissie Hanson, Global Chief Strategy Officer, OMD, tells The Project-X Institute […]


Cause Versus Purpose Marketing With OMD’s Hanson

CANNES—Brands talking about how they have aligned with cause or purpose marketing were hard to ignore at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. But there’s a difference between the two, and marketers should be prepared to commit a few years to purpose, according to OMD Global Chief Strategy Officer Chrissie Hanson. “Brand purpose […]