In the last couple of years, the media industry has been paying more attention to attention as a new way to measure media effectiveness.

But attention as a metric doesn’t just have to focus on what an audience saw. Monique Pintarelli, President, North America, Teads, thinks it can also be used farther down the funnel.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Pinterelli explains the future of attention.

Attention becoming a more prominent currency

Pintarelli believes that the industry is evolving towards attention as a more prominent currency.

“It’s become clear to us that attention as a building block towards driving outcomes is a critical element to just driving more results for our clients overall,” she states.

While attention as a planning tool is growing in adoption, Pintarelli acknowledges that pulling through to activation and optimization takes time.

However, she is optimistic that attention can help improve the industry for brands, marketers, publishers, and consumers.

Pintarelli shares that they have recently partnered more closely with publishers like Conde Nast, which delivers 50% more attention than their average benchmark.

“Tying back into this idea of connecting with premium publishers and premium content is really important,” she adds.

Teads’ efforts around attention include recently beginning to offer ad buyers access to Adelaide, an attention metrics supplier.

Teads on a tear

Teads is a global technology company that specializes in developing and providing innovative digital advertising solutions.

The company was founded in 2011 in France and has since expanded to have a presence in over 26 countries, with offices in major cities such as New York, London, and Singapore.

It pioneered the “outstream video” format, but its offerings have since gone beyond that. The company has received numerous awards for its innovative technology.

Omni-channel video

Teads is striving to infuse the strategies that worked well for them in mobile and desktop into CTV and omnichannel video in a more effective way.

“The beautiful thing about CTV is being able to pull in some of the more advanced elements of digital into the largest, most impactful screen in the home,” Pintarelli explains.

Teads aims to align strategies across mobile, desktop, and CTV executions.

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