CANNES — “Personalized, data-driven, and highly engaged” – these are the hallmarks of Tubi, the largest and fastest-growing streaming AVOD platform in the United States, according to Melanie Brown, Director of Advanced TV Products.

With more than 50,000 titles in its library of content, the platform boasts a user base of 64 million monthly active users.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brown explains some of Tubi’s features.

Tubi’s Unique DNA

“There is certainly something about Tubi that makes us very unique,” says Brown. The company was launched in 2014 as AdRise, the first CTV ad server in the space, before being rebranded as Tubi.

“Because we have our own proprietary tech stack, we get return path data from all of Tubi’s 25 plus distribution platforms where the app lives natively or has been downloaded,” Brown explains. This allows Tubi to understand something about its audience on a deeper level, creating a personalized and engaging viewer experience.

Meanwhile, being part of the Fox portfolio has further elevated Tubi’s standing in the streaming world. This combination provides a unified portfolio for advertisers, making it easier for Fox and Tubi to present as one team.

The recently announced Tubi Media Group, which focuses on unifying the Fox and Tubi footprints from an advertising technology standpoint, further solidifies this combination.

The Importance of Identity and Authentication

As the media landscape shifts from demography to identity, Tubi’s tech stack and data-driven approach become even more valuable. “We see now that a unified identity and having a sense of identity and an identity spine is becoming more and more crucial to all of the players in the space,” Brown asserts.

Authentication, while not a requirement on Tubi, has seen an increase in recent years. “That authentication allows us to do addressability, allows us to do attribution and measurement on the backend and really have that authenticated identity be a solid linchpin for all of those things to come together,” says Brown.

Brown says Tubi has some snazzy software for avoiding ad over-exposure while keeping overall impressions up. “Our tool, the advanced frequency management, essentially looks at the creative that’s coming in from all of those sources and is able to cap on a campaign level the frequency for one person and allow that impression to be served to an incremental new user later down the road instead of overserving somebody just because they fit into an audience segment,” she explains.

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