CANNES – Media company Paramount is part of a partnership that advertising agency Havas announced with data-collaboration platform LiveRamp on data clean rooms. The goal is give marketers a way to improve audience targeting by matching their customer data with other datasets while also protecting people’s privacy.

“At Paramount, we think a couple of core tenets that we need to really embrace, when we think about not only just clean rooms, but all technologies,” Travis Scoles, senior vice president of advanced advertising at Paramount, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Tameka Kee. “We need to meet our partners where they are.”

Paramount collaborates with data-cloud company Snowflake and cloud-computing provider Amazon Web Services, among others.

“The thing that’s really exciting about that is it’s a proof that, the world can scale beyond one provider, and we don’t all have to pick the same thing, because nobody was ever going to do that to begin with,” Scoles said.

The collaborative effort required willingness to experiment as the companies made their systems more interoperable. A broader goal is to extend interoperability among a wide range of companies in the media ecosystem.

“We need the whole industry to be able to support these things. It’s very much a rising-tide-floats-all-boats mentality,” Scoles said. “It’s to our benefit to have other folks be able to adopt this type of technology, to be able to do these types of things and participate in the media data ecosystem in these kinds of ways.”

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