Identity Is Paramount For Paramount: Scoles Offers Advertisers Real Audiences

SAN JUAN, PR — As the industry heads into another upfront TV ad sales season, some may be expecting the familiar pattern of publishers pitching their creative opportunities. While that may still be the case, Travis Scoles is expecting audience identity and new-wave measurement capabilities to take center-stage. As senior vice president of advanced advertising […]


Accurate Consumer Identifiers Underpin Ad Targeting: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

SANTA MONICA, CA – Google last week moved ahead with its long-running plan to get rid of user-tracking cookies from its popular Chrome web browser. The limited test to restrict cookies for 1% of Chrome users is another reminder that advertisers need accurate audience identifiers to improve their targeting – especially as television becomes more […]


Embracing Change: The Future of Advanced Advertising is Transparent, Adaptable and Exciting: Paramount’s Scoles

Big tech platforms may have an arsenal of advertising tools at their disposal – but the evolving TV pathway has something unique up its sleeve. That is according to Travis Scoles, SVP, Advanced Advertising, Paramount. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Scholes opens up on the evolution of connected TV advertising’s capabilities. Transparency as a […] Gives Our Advertisers More Flexibility with Media Plans: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

Paramount Global this month picked as a currency option for linear and streaming TV in the United States. Trading on the media-measurement company’s data are expected to begin in the first quarter, the companies announced. The addition of gives marketers and media buyers more ways to help set the value of advertising transactions. […]


TV Ad Strategies Embrace Cross-Platform Viewing: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

SALISBURY, CT – With many people stuck at home during the early days of the pandemic, when professional sports were canceled and Hollywood production stalled, viewership of streaming services with big libraries of programming surged. Much of that viewing of connected television (CTV) has persisted, and advertisers are shifting media budgets into ad-supported streaming. “CTV, […]


Clean-Room Integration with Havas and LiveRamp Is Collaborative Effort: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

CANNES – Media company Paramount is part of a partnership that advertising agency Havas announced with data-collaboration platform LiveRamp on data clean rooms. The goal is give marketers a way to improve audience targeting by matching their customer data with other datasets while also protecting people’s privacy. “At Paramount, we think a couple of core […]


Joint Industry Committee Helps to Set Standards to Media Companies to Compete: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

NEW YORK – Major media companies and advertising agency holding companies this year came together to form Joint Industry Committee to help set standards for ad transactions in cross-platform premium video. The standards are seen as a way to help advertisers compare media outlets and allocate their budgets more efficiently. “We don’t want to compete […]


Paramount’s Travis Scoles: TV Needs to Embrace Complexity While Breaking Down Silos

TV advertising is becoming more complicated. At the same time, TV ad buying and selling needs to become much simpler. That’s why Paramount is looking to bring together its sales teams to better reflect advertisers’ budgets and needs, while also striving to not over complicate things. Thus, the media giant is, “thinking about total video […]


Paramount Sharing Operational Blueprint with Publishers and Agencies to Help Industry Accelerate Transition to New Currencies

This year’s upfront sales season for media companies is expected to showcase a variety of innovations to help advertisers engage consumers among a variety of platforms. Media giant Paramount recently created a manual explaining how advances in viewership measurement help to set the value of ad transactions – or what is known as a currency […]


Data Clean Rooms Help to Avert Other Kinds of Walled Gardens: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Stricter privacy laws and heightened public awareness about data sharing have pushed marketers and media companies to find ways to improve advertising campaigns while keeping batches of consumer information separate. Data clean rooms provide a way for advertisers and publishers media companies to match consumer data without sharing it. Another goal […]


Consumer Identifiers Are Key to Holistic View of TV Audiences: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

NEW YORK – Advertisers face a variety of challenges in figuring out the best ways to reach consumers who not only view television programming on several connected devices, but also have more tools to guard their privacy. This fragmented media environment drives a need for a holistic solution for marketers and media buyers. “The biggest […]


Advertisers Will Benefit From Evolution in Media Measurement: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

CANNES – The television industry is open to finding multiple ways to measure how consumers are viewing advertising, especially as they spend more time watching streaming video. Multiple companies have emerged to provide the tools to set the value of ad transactions amid the shifting media landscape. “Measurement is confusing because there’s a lot of […]


Evolution To A Basket Of Currencies: Paramount’s Scoles

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The business of TV ad-buying is fast transforming itself from one which was reliant on Nielsen as a single arbiter of viewer numbers. With Nielsen’s MRC accreditation still paused, more broadcasters are testing out alternative currency and measurement solutions. In this video interview with Furious Corp CEO Ashley Swarts at […]


Cross-Platform Frequency Capping Relies on Solid Metrics: ViacomCBS’s Travis Scoles

Millions of consumers are dividing their time spent with media among a wider range of devices and platforms. That behavior has challenged media buyers and sellers to quantify the reach, frequency and other indicators of advertising’s effect on business outcomes for marketers. ViacomCBS, whose media brands include channels such as CBS, MTV and Nickelodeon (along […]


Measurement Standards Will Help Support Ad Spending: ViacomCBS’s Travis Scoles

LOS ANGELES – Viewers are dividing their time spent with video content among a wider variety of devices and platforms, challenging advertisers to measure reach and frequency more accurately. ViacomCBS supports efforts to create a cross-platform currency for the media marketplace alongside its development of its Vantage platform for advanced advertising. “Optimization, targeting – all […]


TV Ads Move Toward Cross-Platform Delivery: ViacomCBS’s Travis Scoles

Improved measurement of addressable advertising will underpin its growth as marketers and programmers have more tools to determine its effectiveness and hone their strategies in a cross-platform environment. Making those platforms more comparable is a key goal as TV audiences grow more fragmented among a growing number of choices among linear and over-the-top (OTT) channels. […]


Transparent Partnerships Will Drive Advanced TV: Schireson’s Scoles

Five years ago, advanced television “wasn’t a thing.” It was just starting to come into existence “and now this is a core piece of many publishers’ product offerings,” says Travis Scoles, a Partner at advertising and marketing data science firm Schireson. Where advanced TV goes in the next five years is one of the topics […]