CANNES – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has challenged marketers to find more ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising, including a metric for people’s attention to brand messaging. Advertising agency Havas teamed with measurement partner Adelaide to develop the Meaningful Attention Unit (MAU) as a key metric.

“We’re going to change how we think about planning for quality of media — not just reach and frequency, but quality of advertisers, quality for all of our consumers,” Mike Bregman, chief activation officer at Havas Media Group, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Tameka Kee.

Attention measurement will have more meaning as advertisers collaborate with media, measurement and ad-tech companies to help set some common standards.

“The model has to be multivariate — it’s not just one variable, it’s multiple things that are creating the definition of attention,” Bregman said, “As we get more and more mature as an industry, we’re looking at what those variables should be.”

Havas teamed up with LiveRamp to create an identity graph that helps to form the backbone of its efforts to improve the efficiency of ad campaigns. Amid tighter restrictions on data-sharing, Havas is among the agencies that are adopting data clean room technology. Clean rooms allow different companies to match their valuable consumer data without sharing it with each other.

“We work very closely with LiveRamp and their clean-room product alongside Paramount and their existing infrastructure that’s actually built in Snowflake. LiveRamp is built on Google Cloud, the infrastructure that we have,” Bregman said. “Connecting those two disparate technologies together into one clean room tech has been the last six months of work. It’s taken a village.”

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