Fresh from a host of announcements, sell-side ad platform provider Magnite says it has been picked by DIRECTV for programmatic ad sales enablement.

The company will extend programmatic automation to DIRECTV’s traditional TV inventory.

That will start with on-demand, working work enabling linear for programmatic by next year as a goal.

Up the funnel

In this video interview with Beet.TV in April, new DIRECTV chief sales officer Amy Leifer said there is every reason to use technology to help TV continue to excel at brand-building campaigns.

“When I think back to 10 years ago, when addressable started, it was a precision tool,” Leifer says. “Advertisers were really using it to reach TV’s premium environment, but have that power of digital targeting capabilities.

“We all went right to the bottom of the (marketing) funnel on that when it launched 10 years ago.

“I think what we’re seeing right now is … a real movement to using addressable technology to identify those underexposed households to a brand’s national campaign. We’re really seeing it come all together and really be used against the full funnel of the brand’s objectives.”

Addressable TV Promises The Full Funnel: DIRECTV Advertising’s Leifer

Benefit on both sides

This year, Magnite has launched president page integration to simplify header bidding configurations, deal discovery to enhance private marketplace creation and signed with NewsGuard to enhance a commitment to brand safety.

In its announcement, Matt McLeggon, SVP of Advanced Solutions at Magnite, says: “Introducing the advanced capabilities of programmatic buying to traditional television environments will benefit both sides of the TV industry.

“Magnite and DIRECTV have long worked closely together on the streaming side of the business. Now, programmatic buyers will be able to reach DIRECTV satellite subscribers through our platform as well.”