The Future of Programmatic Lies in Simplification and Collaboration: DIRECTV’s McGovern

MIAMI — Creation wasn’t supposed to be about fragmentation. But that’s what many media companies and advertisers think they have ended up with, as a plethora of platforms and technology standards competes for attention. Faced with the impact, brands and their agencies are seeking ways to manage reach and frequency in Connected TV (CTV) as they have historically […]


DIRECTV’s Groner: TV Needs Sophisticated Tech to Fix Frequency Problems

Drew Groner as senior VP, head of agency and client partnerships at DIRECTV sees it again and again. Whenever the company analyzes a linear TV campaign, roughly a third of households end up seeing the majority of ads. It’s not just you – frequency is a big problem. From DIRECTV’s end, the company is trying […]


Addressable TV Gets Light Viewers On The Rebound: DIRECTV Advertising’s Jason Brown

SANTA MONICA — The new capabilities of “addressable” TV allow more granular targeting than mere demographic or show-adjacent placements of traditional linear ever afforded. But what exactly are the big recent developments? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jason Brown, SVP, Head of Advertising Sales, DIRECTV Advertising, spotlights two key recent trends. 1. The new […]


DIRECTV Advertising’s Rosenfeld Sees Alt Currency’s Long Heritage, Live TV Remaining Strong

CANNES — Sometimes in media, what’s old is new. In this industry, people see trends as novel when they have been latent for some time. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan Rosenfeld, SVP, Advertising Analytics & Insights, DIRECTV Advertising, talks about some of those trends. Currency history lesson Many TV networks have begun experimenting […]


The Misperceptions Of Addressable: DIRECTV Advertising’s Groner

CANNES – It is an advertising channel that is growing fast – but certain beliefs still worry addressable TV advertising. A range of industry groups and initiatives are aiming to smash through that inertia and encourage buyers in to addressable. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Drew Groner, Group VP, Head of Client Partnerships & […]


Connect The Dots From The Center: DIRECTV’s Jamison On TV Efficiency

How can an industry undergoing transformation reintroduce simplicity after innovation has wrought complexity? DIRECTV thinks it can help, by being a distributor for programmers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Jamison, Group Vice President, Digital and Demand Partnerships, DIRECTV, says that kind of player has a role to improve operational efficiency. In the thick […]


Formats & Frequency: DIRECTV’s Van Houten Innovates To Make Ads Less Disruptive

CANNES – At the start of every episode of The Minimalists, one of the most popular podcasts in the world, listeners hear the hosts declare: “Advertisements suck.” That is the kind of battle facing marketers, as a generation of mindful media consumers grows tired with interruption and commercialization. But many in advertising recognize the concern. In […]


DIRECTV Drawn To Magnite To Make Traditional TV Programmatic

Fresh from a host of announcements, sell-side ad platform provider Magnite says it has been picked by DIRECTV for programmatic ad sales enablement. The company will extend programmatic automation to DIRECTV’s traditional TV inventory. That will start with on-demand, working work enabling linear for programmatic by next year as a goal. We're excited to announce […]


Turf Protection, Not Lack Of Technology, Hinders Addressable TV: WPP’s Gotlieb

When history books are written about advertising, “there will be an indictment against our business for allowing our siloes to squabble with each other while the duopoly or triopoly ate everybody’s lunch,” according to WPP Senior Advisor Irwin Gotlieb. The squabbling is prominent in the addressable television advertising space, Gotlieb noted in his keynote speech […]


Turner’s Rockwood: Better Cross-Screen Measurement Means Easier Transactions

Given the complexity of the premium video marketplace, “It’s just been messy to do business,” says Turner’s Beth Rockwood. But that doesn’t mean complexity is necessarily a bad thing. For nearly 10 years the industry has been aware of the challenge of “needing to do something different and better,” Rockwood explains in this interview with […]


comScore Tracking TV Viewing Data in 35 Million Home with Charter/Spectrum Agreement

If bigger is better for companies like Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable, it’s also a boon to cross-platform measurement providers like comScore. Often overlooked by headlines heralding the continued merging of cable providers are the gains made in tracking consumer behavior and the ability to match it with product and service consumption—benefitting both programmers […]


AT&T AdWorks ‘Addressable Upfront’ Focuses On Television, Cross-Platform Targeting

AT&T AdWorks chose to go vertical in 2017 with what it calls the industry’s first-ever Addressable Upfronts. Its 100 events across the country are tailored to specific industry product and service categories and clients with a focus on the attributes of both television and cross-platform addressable advertising. “Instead of a one-size-fits-all, one big event, we […]


Turner’s Martin On Content, Distribution And The Potential Of An AT&T Matchup

BARCELONA – As Turner continues to reinvent itself from the inside out, its Chairman and CEO sees the media giant becoming a “fan engagement company” to better monetize content. In this interview with Beet.TV at the Mobile World Congress, John Martin discusses Turner’s ongoing investments in data-enabling technology, partnerships with new distribution players and the […]


AT&T’s Welch On INVIDI Deal: ‘Huge Opportunity’ For Cross-Screen Addressable Ads

LONDON – If where you spend your time and money says a lot about your priorities, AT&T has anted up in a big way on cross-screen addressable advertising with its participation in the acquisition of INVIDI Technologies. “We’ve been spending a lot of our time and a lot of our money on addressable television,” Mike […]


AT&T AdWorks More Than Doubles Addressable TV Clients Post DIRECTV Deal

Fifteen months after AT&T acquired DIRECTV to become the largest pay-television provider, AT&T’s transformation from a telecom company to an entertainment company is bearing fruit in the addressable advertising space. “Addressable advertising is pinnacle to our advertising offering and certainly core to our growth,” says Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP and Head of Marketing for AT&T […]


AT&T’s Household, Device Identifiers Key To Cross-Screen Targeting: Mediavest | Spark’s Bokor

Being able to cap the frequency of ad delivery across multiple screens is a big desire among advertisers. It’s also why AT&T’s DIRECTV-U-verse-AT&T Wireless cross-screen addressable offering is “very intriguing,” according to Jonathan Bokor, SVP, Director of Advanced Media at Mediavest | Spark. “AT&T has taken the lead and I think they’re probably the best […]


FreeWheel Co-Founder Diane Yu: Big Tech Platforms Need To Be Agile, Anticipate Customer Demands

COLOGNE-Being a big ship that cannot turn quickly is not a ship you want to be piloting when it comes to technology platforms, according to Diane Yu, CTO and one of three co-founders of premium video solutions provider FreeWheel. Unless you are agile enough to grow while anticipating all customers’ demands, “You then fall behind […]


2016 Election Cycle Attracts Digital Buyers To D2’s Addressable Households

WASHINGTON, D.C.-When competitors DISH and DIRECTV came together in 2014 to offer addressable television advertising solely for political campaigns, early takers were traditional TV buyers. But in the 2016 election cycle, digital buyers wanted in. “I was amazed at how quick the political ad agencies were to accept this and to want to use” D2 […]


Addressable TV Advertising Powers “Considered Purchases,” AT&T AdWork’s Jason Brown

Addressable TV advertising, the delivery of ads to a specific home set-up box, saw its initial value around “sales lift” meaning the affecting of a direct purchase.  As the medium has evolved, marketers are finding value in addressable as it powers “considered purchases,” meaning awareness of goods and services which would be considered for future […]


It’s Not TV Or Digital, It’s Video: AT&T AdWorks’ Dunsche

In the age of media proliferation, walls between established media types are collapsing. Nowhere more so than in moving images. Where, once, online video was seen as an entirely separate channel from TV, the emergence of multi-faceted screens and cross-screen planning and buying is forcing redefinition. “It’s not TV, digital or mobile – now people are […]

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