Global TV and digital ad buyers that want to buy across international borders are getting a leg-up from a partnership between the US’ NBCUniversal and Europe’s RTL AdConnect.

Announced today, the partnership will help NBCUniversal offer its advertising customers the ability to extend their ad footprint internationally, by representing what RTL AdConnect calls its Total Video European solution.

The idea is, that will give NBCUniversal a bigger offering to sell to Chinese and US-based clients.

Similarly, it will allow RTL AdConnect to offer its European customers access to NBCUniversal’s inventory, including both TV and digital.

Collaborative vision

As the announcement puts it, the pair will “give each other access to their premium TV and digital inventory assets”.

RTL AdConnect has staked a strong position as helping broadcasters across nations come together to tap new markets and bolster their ad offering in the face of tech companies.

Here, we are republishing RTL AdConnect CEO Stéphane Coruble’s recent interview at Beet Retreat Santa Monica, where he said: “We’re very willing to share this tech with other broadcasters who wish to embark into this vision of more collaboration, more control.”

Europe Is Forming New Alliances To Control Its TV Ad Data Destiny: RTL’s Coruble

Transatlantic TV

RTL AdConnect is the ad sales house of Bertelsmann’s majority-owned, Luxembourg-based RTL Group, whose own portfolio includes:

  • RTL Television (Germany).
  • M6 in (France).
  • RTL channels in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, Hungary.
  • Antena 3 (Spain).
  • Fremantle content business.

But AdConnect services more than just its own RTL Group. Over the last couple of years, the division has expanded to act as a bridge for broadcast platforms hoping to make their inventory available to buyers out of their home market.

AdConnect’s connections to Berteslmann and beyond means it also represents ITV (UK), DPG Media (Belgium), RAI (Italy), online video platforms and several YouTube channels.

Global footprint

By its own count, RTL AdConnect’s footprint includes more than 150 channels, more than 300 digital platforms and more than 40 radio stations.

RTL AdConnect opened offices in the US a few years back.

“We want NBCUniversal to be the number one choice for marketers globally,” said KC Sullivan, President of Global Advertising and Partnerships, NBCUniversal, in the announcement.

“RTL strengthens our advertising offering in Continental Europe as we strive to deepen our presence across the region.”

NBCUniversal parent Comcast was already present in Europe after acquiring Sky, which has led to NBC taking on Sky’s pioneering AdSmart technology and Sky introducing the CFlight currency to UK broadcasters.

Europe Is Forming New Alliances To Control Its TV Ad Data Destiny: RTL’s Coruble