Conquering Europe In A Strategic Storm: RTL AdAlliance’s Coruble

SANTA MONICA — For most in media, the quest for holistic cross-screen measurement is enough. Now imagine trying to usher-in a cross-national cross-screen measurement future. If that sounds like a game of 3D chess, it is one Stéphane Coruble is happy to play. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CEO, RTL AdAlliance, describes how […]


NBCUniversal, RTL AdConnect Team To Jointly Sell Global Ad Inventory

Global TV and digital ad buyers that want to buy across international borders are getting a leg-up from a partnership between the US’ NBCUniversal and Europe’s RTL AdConnect. Announced today, the partnership will help NBCUniversal offer its advertising customers the ability to extend their ad footprint internationally, by representing what RTL AdConnect calls its Total […]


Magnite to Acquire SpotX from RTL Group for $1.17 Billion: Michael Barrett on Why This is the Time for AdTech

In a major merger in the adtech and advanced TV industry space, Magnite has acquired SpotX from RTL, the European broadcast giant, for $1.17 billion in cash and stock, the companies announced this morning. Later in the morning, Beet.TV did this video interview with Magnite CEO Michael Barrett about the deal and what it means […]


Alliance to Help Kickstart German Addressable: RTL’s Nölke

Advanced and addressable TV advertising capabilities give programmers and advertisers super-powers  – but, in some markets, local conditions mean the starting gun has barely been fired. Case in point – Germany, where many kinds of modern ad practice are curtailed by regulation in a country long sensitive to privacy concerns. That is something acknowledged by […]


More European Ad Pool Alliances Gathering: RTL’s Coruble

LONDON — Across Europe, in multiple media industries, what once were competitors are coming together, forming a variety of ad sales cooperatives in a bid to pool inventory they hope can match the vast scale of Google and Facebook. In another such initiative, French TV channel operator M6 is teaming with rival TF1 and public […]


RTL Building A European Union Of Video Ad Sales On Top Of SpotX

In a world of fragmentation, partisanship and increasing separation, there is an untold story of cooperation in the media business. Around the world, operators are coming together in partnership, seeking scale to fight common challenges. That is what Germany-based broadcast group RTL is doing with more than 400 partners. Its Adconnect unit is an ad […]


UK Leads The World In Addressable TV: RTL’s Nöelke

LONDON — Recent estimates are that around 46% of US households can receive household-specific, individually-targeted TV ads, through so-called “addressable” TV advertising. But, whilst US penetration is high, it is not necessarily the country leading the tech charge, says one exec with a multi-country view of the opportunity. “We see, in the addressable TV world. very much […]


VideoAmp Uses VC Round To Fuel Cross-Screen Ad Tech Sales In 2016

LAS VEGAS — VideoAmp is a relatively new player to the burgeoning landscape of cross-screen video ad technology vendors. At least, it may look like that from the outside. The Santa Monica-based outfit spent plenty of time perfecting its platform before taking on a $15m first venture round in November, the latest in German broadcaster […]


SpotX Readies Expansion to Asia

LAS VEGAS — The last couple of years were pretty big ones for digital video supply-side advertising platform and programmatic marketplace SpotX. In July 2014, the big European broadcaster RTL Group acquired a controlling interest in the company. Then, last year, the outfit rebranded from its former name, SpotXchange, as it gained traction in Europe thanks to […]


After SpotX And Clypd, RTL Group Seeks More Investments In 2016

LAS VEGAS — Over the last couple of years, the giant European TV RTL Group has assembled a clutch of investments designed to advance its position in digital video. In the summer, the group even rolled them up in to a division called RTL Digital Hub. Now the Hub is on the hunt for more ad-tech acquisitions. […]


RTL’s Nölke’s Keeps Ad-Tech Simple After SpotX, Clypd Investments

LONDON — We are working in an age where technology seems to make everything possible – from uncovering the ad views that never happened, to producing the ultimate, all-encompassing metric for advertising experienced across screen types. But is the industry too busy debating the potential, complex future measurement systems to notice that they are already here? “I […]


Clypd Will Take SpotX Alliance To Open Market In 2016: CEO Summers

LONDON — They both received investment from the big German TV group RTL, now video ad tech companies Clypd and SpotX are set to solidify their partnership even further under the same stable. Already this year, the pair told Beet.TV they would team up, after RTL’s $144m investment in to SpotX in 2014 and $19.4m in Clypd this […]