From ‘TV’ To ‘Total Video’: RTL AdAlliance’s Coruble Sees Linear In Broad Media Mix

LONDON, UK — The fading picture of traditional TV may be clear to see – but Stéphane Coruble wants you to see the bigger picture. Coruble is CEO, RTL AdAlliance, a gateway representing pan-European TV and digital video ad sellers. RTL just published the thirtieth edition of its annual TV Key Facts, a compendium of […]


RTL AdAlliance Rolling Up ‘Total Video’ Services

LONDON, UK — It was already a significant European TV player, now RTL Group’s advanced advertising division is building out an array of streaming TV viewing and measurement services. RTL AdAlliance this year made structural changes designed to boost that capability. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdAlliance, explains how the […]


Conquering Europe In A Strategic Storm: RTL AdAlliance’s Coruble

SANTA MONICA — For most in media, the quest for holistic cross-screen measurement is enough. Now imagine trying to usher-in a cross-national cross-screen measurement future. If that sounds like a game of 3D chess, it is one Stéphane Coruble is happy to play. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CEO, RTL AdAlliance, describes how […]


NBCUniversal, RTL AdConnect Team To Jointly Sell Global Ad Inventory

Global TV and digital ad buyers that want to buy across international borders are getting a leg-up from a partnership between the US’ NBCUniversal and Europe’s RTL AdConnect. Announced today, the partnership will help NBCUniversal offer its advertising customers the ability to extend their ad footprint internationally, by representing what RTL AdConnect calls its Total […]


Europe Is Forming New Alliances To Control Its TV Ad Data Destiny: RTL’s Coruble

LOS ANGELES — It is already a federation of nations. Could Europe now also form an alliance to unify online TV viewer data for advertisers? Stéphane Coruble hopes so. As CEO of RTL AdConnect, the ad sales division of RTL Group, he has already been responsible for helping start a continent-wide joint approach to advanced […]


RTL’s Adconnect Goes ‘Glocal’ To Power Ads: Coruble

Two of the major dynamics in modern media right now see media owners come together cooperatively and many of them restructuring their businesses to cater to larger, global brands. Luxembourg-based pan-European RTL Group is living out both of those trends. Its Adconnect unit is an ad sales arm for RTL-owned broadcasters and shows made by […]


RTL AdConnect Coming To America: Coruble Seeks D2C Dollars

Can a TV group from Luxembourg crack the US market for digital video advertising? Last year, acquiring SpotX, pan-European RTL Group created Video Marketplace (VMP), an initiative to combine various source of online video ad inventory which its AdConnect sales house represents. Now the outfit is doubling down on its US presence. “(When) I stepped […]


More European Ad Pool Alliances Gathering: RTL’s Coruble

LONDON — Across Europe, in multiple media industries, what once were competitors are coming together, forming a variety of ad sales cooperatives in a bid to pool inventory they hope can match the vast scale of Google and Facebook. In another such initiative, French TV channel operator M6 is teaming with rival TF1 and public […]


RTL Building A European Union Of Video Ad Sales On Top Of SpotX

In a world of fragmentation, partisanship and increasing separation, there is an untold story of cooperation in the media business. Around the world, operators are coming together in partnership, seeking scale to fight common challenges. That is what Germany-based broadcast group RTL is doing with more than 400 partners. Its Adconnect unit is an ad […]