LOS ANGELES – Marketers face challenges in attaining reach and frequency goals for their advertising campaigns as consumers divide their time among a wider variety of media channels. They also seek improvements in addressability and measurement to ensure they’re driving business outcomes.

Web services company Yahoo is investing in cross-channel measurement to help marketers understand the performance of linear television and connected TV (CTV) platforms.

“Audiences are all over the place in connected TV, and the sales channels into CTV supply are many. There’s a lot of different ownership of the same supply in TV,” Beau Ordemann, head of advanced TV sales and strategy at Yahoo, said in this interview with consultant Zach Rodgers at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat.

“Marketers can’t go at it scattershot anymore. They need tools,” Ordemann said. “We’ve invested in tools to help understand where strategic audience segments are across the CTV supply landscape, and where to find that incremental reach to linear.”

Holistic, Deduplicated Reach

Yahoo has a deep trove of first-party data about consumers, powering its identity graph and enabling thousands of publishers to enable addressability. On the buy side, advertisers can measure their campaigns and implement frequency capping to avoid reaching the same audiences too often.

These capabilities aim to help marketers obtain a more complete view of consumer behavior, especially as they commit their media dollars to TV networks during the upfront sales season.

“They’re getting individual, siloed reporting back from each of the partners, and so it’s really hard to understand things like holistic deduplicated reach and frequency, and where overlap exists,” Ordemann said.

Advertisers dedicated $4.5 billion to CTV platforms during this year’s upfront, which traditionally was bought on an insertion order (IO) basis. Yahoo created a demand-side platform called Yahoo DSP help consolidate media buys, including programmatic guaranteed deals.

“We’re really going to accelerate investment on cross-channel interoperability,” Ordemann said. “Taking the biggest problems of TV, building programmatic technology to automate solutions to those problems has been crazy but it’s been really fun working with out customers to figure what problems to tackle next.”

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