LOS ANGELES — It is now an industry whose transactions are mediated by a host of platforms.

But Hans Fischmann thinks media buyers and sellers should work more directly.

In this video interview with Mediatel Events director Justin Lebbon for Beet.TV, Fischmann, SVP, Sales Solutions, Operative, says both sides need to focus on their relationship.

Margin at the margins

Fischmann’s Operative makes software solutions for media companies to sell advertising.

But he sees the growing number of ad-tech intermediaries as a challenge to media owners.

“All of these players – whether it’s identity, or SSPs, or DSPs – are coming into the industry and ultimately tying into the margins,” Fischmann says.

“We have a contracting industry that’s looking towards margins and it’s trying to figure out where growth is coming from. These are undue pressures that are being put on media suppliers.

“These are just methods of automation … Ultimately, the solution here is to … can there be more direct methods of automation?”

But Fischmann is also calling for programmers and MVPDs to work more closely, saying neither one kind of group alone has sufficient scale to satisfy advertisers in 2022.

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Currency proliferation

With products including its AOS, Operative has helped, for example, Sinclair Broadcast Group, move its ad inventory to a common, impression-based currency.

Such a move ensured media owners can combine their platform offerings in a more comprehensible package for ad buyers.

As the industry watches new-wave media currencies emerge, Fischmann is amongst the growing number of executives to believe the ad industry needs to evolve beyond the traditional means of measuring media.

“We’ve been working so long now with Nielsen and Comscore as the predominant ones,” he says.

“What is a currency? It’s a KPI and a delivery requirement put between an advertiser and the supplier. That KPI should have flexibility, it should have variability – because every campaign, every advertiser is different.

“Everyone needs a different set of parameters by which they need to deliver for their clients.”

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