LOS ANGELES – Viewers of streaming services that have commercial breaks are familiar with the phenomenon of seeing the same ad repeated throughout a show. Advertising technology companies are working to prevent these occurrences on connected television (CTV), giving marketers the ability to cap the frequency of their ad placements.

“It’s not a difficult problem to solve,” Ben Antier, co-founder and chief executive of connected TV ad platform Publica, said in this interview at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat. “The challenge is: in most legacy ad servers, the information that you need to know which ad is running is not being passed.”

Publica has developed an artificial intelligence solution that detects the ad creative and deduces which brand is running the spot, helping to make linear TV processes work programmatically.

“We make sure we’re not serving the same ad twice or that we’re not serving competitive brands right next to each other,” Antier said to Justin Lebbon, co-founder and director of Mediatel Events.

Server-Side Ad Insertion Ads.Cert 2.0

Server-side ad insertion (SSAI), which also is known as dynamic ad insertion or “stitching,” lets media companies deliver content and advertising seamlessly to provide a better viewing experience.

Because of concerns about CTV ad fraud, the IAB Tech Lab has taken steps to continually update technical standards to enhance security in the digital ad ecosystem. In September, it introduced Ads.Cert 2.0 for public comment as part of the effort to establish a framework for secure media buying and selling.

“The challenge is we have to make sure to give advertisers the same levels of measurement and confidence in that environment,” Antier said. “That’s where SSAI Ads.Cert 2.0 comes in.”

Header Bidding for CTV

Header bidding that lets multiple sell-side platforms (SSPs) auction ad placements to buyers helps media companies get the best value for their ad inventories, Antier said. He recommends that CTV platforms provide comprehensive information about their content to make it more transparent to buyers, and that they work with several SSPs.

“You want to make sure that each SSP has an advantage, a way to create value – and that’s through technical integrations,” Antier said.

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