LOS ANGELES – Advertisers increasingly need a combination of media, data and technology to improve the outcomes of their campaigns. These tools are especially important as the media marketplace grows more fragmented among connected devices and types of content.

“We know not all of our clients are going to want the same thing, and typically the approach they take to the marketplace is unique, but there are some underlying standards and best practices that work for everyone,” Jean Fitzpatrick, senior vice president of marketplace solutions at IPG martech unit Kinesso, said in this interview at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat.

Speaking to Ashley J. Swartz, founder and chief executive of ad-tech firm Furious, Fitzpatrick described how Kinesso provides customized solutions for marketers. The services include everything from application program interface (API) integration into a centralized platform to artificial intelligence (IA), analytics and other specialties.

Looking ahead to 2022, she would like to see more transparency into consumer behavior among different media platforms.

“The biggest challenge that we’re facing right now is being able to understand our audiences in a connected way across all devices and all combined modalities,” Fitzpatrick said. “If I could fix that for clients, I think it would be fantastic, but in the meantime, I think we do it bit by bit.”

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