CHICAGO – After a series of acquisitions in the last couple of years, consumer data company TransUnion is wrapping its units together into one, and “retiring” three former brands.

The company had acquired Tru Optik, Signal Digital and TruSignal, as it built out its own ambition to provide consumer and household data to power ad targeting. Now it is bundling them into a single suite, TruAudience.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Spiegel, EVP Marketing Solutions, Head of Media Vertical at TransUnion, explains the rationale.

Triple whammy

TruAudience has three legs:

  • TruAudience Identity: With data on individuals, devices and homes
  • TruAudience Data Marketplace, formerly Tru Optik: Features audience segments from dozens of partners including Kantar, Comscore, IHS Market, Lotame, and NCSolutions.
  • TruAudience Platform: Dubbed “a rapid audience creation and management system leveraging multikey matching and machine learning to onboard first-party data and model audiences”.

Post-cookie readiness

“Our focus has been on really making sure we’re ready for the next wave of personalization underpinned by an accurate view of identity that was fundamentally fundamentally built in a post cookie world,” Spiegel says.

“It’s not just about individuals. It’s not just about devices or just about households. It’s actually fundamentally about all three.”

On TruAudience Data Marketplace, specifically, Spiegel says: “Now, whether you want to use TransUnion data or comScore data or IHS data or Kantar data, it’s, it’s a marketplace available right now to connect you to get to 80 million connected homes.

“That’s a higher match rate, more accuracy than a lot of the other solutions available on market for all that money being spent in streaming media.”

Building up

Under Spiegel, TransUnion has been making in-roads becoming an audience data provider, not just a consumer credit information provider.

It recently began powering OpenAP’s identity solution and began injecting identity into Blockgraph, a TV industry initiative.

According to Spiegel in TransUnion’s product announcement: “The marketing and advertising sector is on the precipice of reinvention with the demise of third-party cookies, the rise of privacy-centric solutions and the overarching need for brands to break down silos and communicate to consumers across channels — from connected TV and audio, to direct mail and linear TV.”